Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Best Kind of Day

Today during the 2 littles nap time the twins both decided they want to sew alongside of me. On the week days they do a little math review and reading after i put the littles down and then they get to choose what they want to do. Sometimes it's swimming or playing outside. Sometimes it's watching a movie or drawing and coloring. Today Jessica asked if she could get my fabric scraps and make a dress for her Bla Bla doll so then Nicole wanted to join in also. They love to pull out the scrap box every so often and have great fun playing with those scraps: oohing and aahing over colors or prints; shrieking with excitement when they recognize a scrap of fabric from one of their dresses that i have made them. They usually "pretend" sew and will lay pieces of fabric out in the configuration of a purse or use it as a carpet for their Barbies or stack pieces for a Princess and the Pea bed, etc. I was sewing and waited to see what they would come up with. I have told Jessica her whole life that she will probably grow up to be a fashion designer.   She can come up with different ways to wear clothing and is very creative. She can turn a scarf into a shirt, a skirt into a top, a top into a skirt, something symmetrical into something asymmetrical....she even created a hat out of toilet paper once! (I should dig that photo out of the archives). She cut and stitched and we talked. It is so fun that the girls are old enough to enjoy and participate in sewing. Coley girl got a piece of fabric and was interested in pinning. She folded the piece into a rectangle and was making a small baby blanket. She did a very nice job of pinning. I happened to be at the iron pressing seams; I saw Cole look Jess and was watching her stitch by hand. I turned my back and next thing I knew Cole was sitting at the machine wanting to sew with it saying it would be much faster than sewing by hand. I agreed and thought it was time for her to learn especially since she is interested. She had her first lesson and did a great job of sewing a straight line. Jess wanted a turn too but nap time ended so we had to move on to other activities....maybe tomorrow. Sewing alongside my girls and seeing their faces light up by their accomplishments definitely makes for the best kind of day!


  1. This is what they'll remember. Oh, and we do Mommy school, too, during the Summer. Wowser...loooooove your blog header. Do you give lessons for that?

    1. i googled "how to make a blog header for free and found this gem of a tute at All you need is Picasa. It is an amazing step by step tutorial and i can not thank her enough for writing it. If I ever become a sewing blog I would love to have a logo type illustrated header but for now as i am just starting and blogging family life the photo header seems perfect and i can change it with the seasons or whenever i want.

    2. I'll go now and check it out, Gina. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. And again, your header is just awesome, great job.