Monday, July 16, 2012

A Couple of Finishes

My sewing goals these days revolve around getting the twins some dresses made for school. Both dresses use Simplicity patterns. When the twins had their Kindergarten promotion I had wanted to make them each a dress to wear but i was only able to complete a dress for Nicole. I had cut out another dress but when promotion had come and gone I tucked it away in a box as i had moved on to some other projects that were more appealing to me. Back in April when Elsie Marley hosted Kid's Clothes Challenge week i thought of the dress that i had not completed and thought it was time to do so.... except i found something else i wanted to work so again the dress sat there lonely still.  Three or four weeks ago i decided i was tired of that dress sitting around and decided to finish it before i started anything else. The twins will be starting 2nd grade next month so it is nice to have finally completed the dress and have it fit her! The other dress came about because Jessica loves all things Paris and I love maps so when i saw this Dear Stella fabric that was a map of Paris i bought it thinking Jess would love it. She is a picky dresser in that things have to be a certain "style" - - she is kind of a crazy dresser and has no problem mixing plaids with stripes, etc. She will usually wear the clothes i make her one time( to make me happy i think) and then she doesn't wear them again. My evil plan worked and she is super excited about this dress and I believe she will be wearing it many times.

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  1. Evil plan...that's cute. And so are the twins in your awesome dresses!