Friday, July 13, 2012

Flashback Friday

summer '08- then
summer '12- now

Not that I am biased, but I would have to say my boys are pretty awesome! At 4 years apart they have never argued much and the older one has always included the younger one when his friends come over,etc. Their personalities are quite different with my oldest always on the move, playing, wrestling, talking, and just all boy. The younger one is quiet, laid back (although stubborn), takes it all in, and not so much a wrestler. But....with an older brother who is a wrestler, he has had to be one. When they were little every night they would have a WWF showdown that of course included dad. It started out innocently in the family. Then they moved it to the playroom so they could use the futon as a landing pad and use footballs. For awhile they went through a phase where the 3 of them would go into Steve and I's room and turn off the lights and wrestle and Steve would toss them on the bed and all kinds of antics. This usually ended with someone in tears so this format ended. Then the boys became too big for Steve to toss in the air and our WWF nights phased out somewhere along the way. Then there was the phase where as soon as the boys got home from school they would wrestle on the couch, I guess to decompress from their day. What this really amounted to was Erik pinning Sam to the floor or couch. This summer Sam is gaining inches and is closing in on height to Erik and I am thinking it won't be long and Erik will no longer have the upper hand. Sam is tolerant and kind but watch out if you make him mad!! Due to sports practices one or the other boy doesn't always come home from school right away so the afternoon wrestling is seasonal. The other day i was doing the lunch dishes (Yes, i do a lot of dish washing with a family of 8) and could see the boys out wrestling in the pool and had to laugh out loud. Boys will be boys, I guess. It took me back to a memory of a few summers back, 2008 to be exact, when the boys tied on towels and put on a super hero show. I remember laughing on that summer's day 4 years ago as I narrated their antics about Evil Dr. E vs. Super Sam and had to pull up a picture. I couldn't find the exact one I was looking for, but i did find one to tell the story. I love you two!


  1. Such a great story. Makes me wish Zach had had a brother. Sigh.

  2. I had to laugh at the WWF reference. My 4 boys pair off and play tag team. So funny.