Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mary, Mary quite contrary...

There have been a few years that I have been in a newborn baby fog but for the most part I plant a garden each year. I love being able to walk out to the garden, pick a vegetable off the vine, bring it in, cut it up and have a meal. I love a tomato and cucumber sandwich for lunch and having sauteed zucchini with dinner or making salsa. It is also a garden tradition to plant a pumpkin.

I said "I" plant the garden but it is really is a joint effort. Steve does the hard part of getting rid of the winter weeds then tilling up the soil, sometimes bringing in more soil and then adding fertilizer. Sometimes we all go to the store to pick out what to plant and other years I go by myself. I used to start everything from seeds as that is what my parents did. This year everything I put in the garden was a plant bought at the hardware store except for some swiss chard I planted from seed... but no plants sprouted. I planted on April 22. Some plants didn't get enough water that first week so a cucumber plant, watermelon, and a roma tomato died. For some reason things are not growing so well this year. Our winter was a drought with some really warm days in January and February but then May was unseasonably cool. Maybe it is due to odd weather or maybe not enough fertilizer. Some of the peter pan squash plants had barely grown but they this week they seem to have grown a lot as we have had some warm weather.

Quick rundown on produce so far: have gotten a few crooked neck squash, zucchini, and peter pan squash. Once I pick one it seems to take a lot of time to get another. Have had a few armenian cucumbers. These are the kids FAVORITE! They are so good and the girls love how they are scalloped and look like flowers when I cut them up. Have gotten a few Burpless hybrid cucumbers but they have had a bitter taste. Basil and verbena growing well. Pepper plants have produced one pepper each: yellow bell (not ripe yet), sweet banana pepper(was spicy), and anaheim pepper. Tomatoes:
Roma: 0
German Johnson Heirloom: 2. These are delish. There have been a few that bugs have eaten half of that I have had to toss.
Cherokee Purple heirloom- 1 that bugs ate before it got ripe
Black Crim Heirloom- 1 that was delish and a couple bugs have got to before ripened
Lemon Boy- 3-4 that were delish!! Bugs have also gotten a couple of these before ripe
Heirloom Costoluto Genovese tomato-1 and it may have been the best yummiest tomato i have ever had!
Sweet 100-  a few handfuls of these but not anything like we have gotten in years past and they are bitter this year.
Yellow pear tomatoe- a few handfuls. There are quite a few tomatoes on the plant but they have been very slow to ripen.

Maybe produce will pick up this last part of the summer. Steve and I have talked about possibly moving the garden location over the winter. Weeds have been a real problem so  whether we move the garden or not , I would like to get all new dirt.

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