Thursday, July 12, 2012

Nightly Summer Routine

Every night  after dinner Steve and the kids go swimming so i can do dishes and mop the floor without anyone under my feet or climbing on my back. With temps over 100 this week a dip in the pool is always refreshing and I am always thankful for a little quiet time as i clean up. Often times the kids have diving contests, or play water basketball, or make up some kind of game but tonight they were all pretty mellow and just hanging out. I can see them in the pool from the kitchen sink. As I finished cleaning up the light was pretty from the setting sun, although hazy due to a fire burning in a neighboring county, so i wanted to get a few pictures. We are in the pool frequently throughout the day but is usually too bright for good photos; we love the days of summer and spending time in the pool!


  1. The girls have been loving going up to Nana's and Papa's for a "midnight" swim after dinner, too!

  2. Your Steve must be a great all eyes lifeguard. We have three but when on solo swim duty i feel majorly stressed watching out for them all.