Thursday, July 19, 2012

Plan B

The girls have this dress. I thought, "That would be quick to make. just take a tank top and sew a skirt to it and voila." My girls prefer dresses to skirts. I really wish they liked skirts because they are faster to make so i thought this dress would be great because really i would only be making a skirt. The turquoise band in the middle is elastic so i went in search of 2" colored elastic. My local fabric store only had black or white elastic. I searched Etsy and could only find some from Japan but thought surely there must be some colored elastic in the U.S.A. If there is I could not find it.
 So I made it. I bought some RIT and followed the instructions on the bottle. The directions stated that it should not be used on rubber and the elastic has rubber but it worked just fine.
 Now that I had my colored elastic I was ready to connect the tank top to the elastic. I sewed the elastic together so it was a circle.  The tank had a larger circumference than the elastic so after trying to join them 3 times I decided the skirt and tank didn't need to be joined into a dress but could be worn as separates. It took a little convincing but Nicole finally agreed to Plan B.

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  1. The girls love it with the tank! And such an adorable model.