Monday, July 30, 2012

The end of School Sewing for the Beginning of School

 I have accomplished my goal for school sewing so anything that gets made over the next couple of weeks will be gravy and if no more clothing gets sewn over the next couple of weeks then that is o.k. too. I do have a few more dresses in mind to make but I am planning on doing some small project sewing and enjoying the next couple of weeks until school starts.

The fabric is Art Gallery which is sooo nice to sew with. It is not as "heavy" as usual quilting fabric. I picked this print because it reminded me of a bunch of kites floating up in the sky.

I also sewed up a few skirts based on Hickety Pickety's Easy No Hem Skirt tutorial. The 2nd two skirts are modified for a ruffle and eyelet trim. Happy Monday!!

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