Monday, August 6, 2012

Aubrieanna @ 15 months

Little Miss AhAhAnnie at 15 months you are snuggly and loving. At random times during the day you will come and rest your head on my leg. You are having a major eruption of teeth and drool quite a bit. I put you to bed at 8 pm and you wake at 8 am. You take an hour nap in the morning before lunch and then I lay you down for a nap in the afternoon. Sometimes you sleep in the afternoon and sometimes you just play and sing.

You are a cautious girl and don't like strangers.  At times you will cry when a stranger talks to you and cling to me with a very tight grip. It has been hard to take a photo of you these days because you want to be right next to me; most photos are blurry and out of focus with you running towards me or you are crying and mad because you want me to pick you up.

Dad is pretty much the only word you say. When he gets home from work you go running for the back door (with all your sisters) saying excitedly, "da da da da". you are really trying to form words and understand most everything but not quite there yet. You point at everything and say something that sounds like "what's that". For the past month you have been humming the ABC tune or maybe you are humming Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. Our scale is broke so I don't know exactly how much you weigh but I would guess 25-27 lbs. Your favorite food is fruit although you pretty much eat whatever I put in front of you. You love your blanket and your favorite toy is a doll... not a particular doll; any doll will do.  You are so sweet and we all love you with all of our hearts!!  

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  1. that photo of your little angel with her dada is just precious!