Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dear Diary, Today...

Around here kids are pretending to be gymnasts, divers, swimmers, basketball players, and even fencers (sorry if that is not what the men who fence are called). I didn't get any pictures of that but here are a few other things that happened here today... This little girl will soon be turning 3. I love those chubby toddler wrists and wish she never had to outgrow them.

This little one is a mom cling on. If I am not holding her she gives me this face and the outstretched hand.

translation:" fashion show now". There were 6 of these hung in various places around the house.  This was organized by Jessica. She dressed Ellie in one of her dresses; it wasn't really about a fashion show but more about Jessica being the announcer and giving commentary.

I must be the world's slowest cutter. It took me all of nap time to cut pieces for my next project.

We have been very faithful with math review and reading this summer. Hoping it pays off this school year.

This little one likes to grab any cups with in her reach and chug them down. She is not used to cups without lids and drenched herself when she tried drinking Nicole's water. She is getting taller and things on the table are no longer safe. Between work and friends we didn't see much of Erik today. Sam had 2 friends spend the night last night. After they left Sam watched Olympic basketball and then went swimming with the girls and I. Between being in the pool and the above mentioned cling on I did't take any pictures. Note to self: get some pictures of the boys.

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