Friday, August 17, 2012

Flashback Friday

Yesterday was the first day of school. I love the first day of school. There is so much excitement, so much anticipation. Everything is fresh; new shoes, new clothes, new pencils, new teachers, new classrooms, and my personal favorite, new crayons. The slate is clean ready to be written on. Growth will happen this year. There will be successes and there will failures, good stuff and bad stuff. Two will graduate this year. One from high school, one from Jr. High. Life is changing. I can feel it. I am sure I will blink and June will be here and today will be a shiny memory.

Because wasn't yesterday 2008? The twins were 3 and not even in school.  Sam still had his little boy haircut and was starting 4th grade. Erik was starting 8th grade walking in the shoes Sam walked today. Kids # 5 and 6 were not even a thought in our minds. I teared up in the school supply aisle the other week knowing this is the last time I will be buying school supplies for Erik. They say time flies and I agree. The older I get the faster it goes. I am holding on tight enjoying the moments wanting them to last but time slips away and I don't even realize it has gone so quickly. Thank goodness for these little snapshots in time that can take us back to these days and the sweet memories!

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