Friday, August 24, 2012

Flashback Friday

Grandma Ruth- Easter, April 2006 
A couple of weeks ago my sister sent me a text as her and her husband were leaving town. She wanted to let me know that Grandma Ruth (her mother in law) wasn't doing well medically and it was unsure how much longer she would live. The doctors best guess was weeks . My husband, kids, and I loved Grandma Ruth and thought of her as our Grandma even though we were not genetically related. It had been awhile since I had seen her as she had been getting more and more tired the past few months and had not been up to coming to family gatherings. Things had to be juggled but thanks to my husband I was able to go and see her for an hour the evening my sister had texted me. Grandma just slept peacefully while I was there but I got to tell her how much I loved her and I am hoping she heard me. While I was there I visited with 2 of my brother in law's brothers and they told me stories of how Ruth grew up prior to electricity and running water. When she and Joe married (Joe passed away about 17 years ago), Joe was a farmer in the midwest and plowed his fields with a team of horses. She lived during World War II. She had seen so much history. She was a soft spoken person with a sweet sense of humor and always had a smile to give. She was full of kindness and grace. I hope I can age as gracefully as she did. She passed away a few hours after I left. I was so glad I had gone to see her as the next day would have been to late. She lived 87 years and had a full and blessed life. Grandma will be remembered lovingly and will be missed.  

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