Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Steve

My husband's birthday was on Saturday so we had a small celebration but will be having the rest of the family over this coming weekend when it is Ellie's birthday. The girls wanted to put lots of candles on his cake! Part of the cake wasn't frosted because Sam prefers no frosting. The cake was a guitar because dad rocks!!

All the girls helped blow out the candles, even the baby. I guess she can blow harder with her eyes closed.

Sam had just come in from swimming and I didn't notice he was shirtless.  I just can't seem to get a photo with everyone looking at me or someone's head chopped off (sorry E). I could not have a better husband...he is the best. Steve makes life fun and the tough patches less tough. He works 10 or more hours a day then comes home and does whatever he can to help, like making dinner,  swimming with the kids, sending kids off to the bath tub, home work help, etc, etc. He never complains. Never!!

He is a great role model for the kids and I can't imagine life without him and hope I never have to experience that. So, for all you do Steve...thank you! I appreciate you and love you tons and wish you a very Happy Birthday!!    xoxxo


  1. Happy Birthday Awesome Dad...you rock! Gina...so happy that you have a life partner that makes everyone's life better. Makes me smile.

  2. Those bottom two pictures are so chock full of love! What a sweet Happy Birthday to your husband :)