Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Heart Lists

I am a list maker. There is my to do list, the grocery list, birthday list, long term goal list, and many other lists. They keep me on task and organized. They help me remember that which I might forget. They give my day structure or at least a sense of direction even though I might veer from my original plan. I have always made lists. I am sure I always will.

Back in March Monika sent me this. Cute no? I loved it and signed up for 30 Days of Lists. (p.s. Monika has some great subway art too!)

It was fun and I had a little slice of my life documented for March 2012 with very little effort. I spent a few minutes each day jotting down a few of my thoughts. There is a Flickr group and it is fun to see everyone's interpretation.

When I saw 30 Days of Lists was going to happen in September I signed up because Fall is my favorite time of year and I wanted an excuse to pull out some pretty paper, scissors, and glue. Playing with paper is as fun as playing with is hard to resist the pretty colors , designs, and prints.

I made my own little smash book inspired by Monika's and I am already to do a little journaling each day come September. 

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