Monday, August 20, 2012

Out to Sea+ vintage pattern

I wasn't sure I could love another Fabric line as much as I loved Children at Play but Sarah has done it again. She is so good at capturing the best of childhood; the place where kids are so lost in their imagination that the imaginary becomes reality. What I really love about her fabric is that I always know what I want to make. There is a lot of fabric I love but sometimes I am not sure what I want to make. So much better to be inspired to making along with loving the fabric! 

This is a cute narwhale print. I bought my fabric from Pinked FabricsAmy ships orders out super fast and has cute fabrics and trims. The pattern is a vintage Mc Call's pattern #7994. I love to sew using vintage patterns. My favorites come from the 50's (think Mad Men), 60's, and 70's. Dad drove by as we were taking pictures and distracted my girl.

As I am looking at this sweet girl I need to jot a story down. The other week we went to my  best friend's house for her son's 10th birthday. My friend also has a 15 year old daughter who had a couple of friends over too. One of the girls had on a beautiful necklace made with a large aqua stone. The next day my friend left me a message saying she needed to tell me a story about something Jessica had said. My first thought was, "Oh no, what did she say".  Apparently little Miss J asked Deandra if someone she loved gave her the beautiful necklace. Deandra said that her mom had given it to her to which Jessica replied, "I don't suppose you would want to cut it in half  and give me half of it then would you?"( they had been talking about friendship necklaces earlier... the kind where each friend gets half of a heart). The girls ended up talking about slumber parties and Jess told her that by the time Jess was old enough to go to a slumber party Deandra would be a mom. Kids say the darndest things and this little girl sure knows how to make me laugh!!

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