Monday, August 13, 2012

Pirate Girl to Mermaid

One of my daughters has a mermaid doll, which  she loves, but she has been asking for a  mermaid doll that is not always a mermaid. When Sarah Jane came out with her "Out to Sea" fabric line I knew I wanted to make a Pirate Girl to Mermaid doll. She doesn't look very "piratey". I think I need to add some cuffs to the top of her boots, a pirate hat, and maybe an eye patch. My daughter loves her so that's all that really counts.

I made a 2 sided cape. Here is the inside...

here is the outside.

Once she was made I laid her down on a big piece of paper and traced along her lower body sketching fins at the bottom. Then i added a 1/2 inch around my tracing for the seam allowance. After I sewed the front and back together I used an elastic thread bobbin to stitch around the waist and put some stuffing down in the fins to give them some substance. I measured around her chest then added about 3/4 of an inch to cut out her top. I turned a hem around all 4 sides as narrow as possible. Again I used the elastic thread bobbin to run the stitch along the upper and lower hem of the top and put a little velcro to attach the back.

Presto, she is a mermaid!

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