Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Quilt Block

At the beginning of the year Jeni started a half square triangle block of the month. I was excited to do this as I had tried to be a Farmer's Wife and only lasted a couple months. I wanted to join the group to learn how to piece the traditional type quilt block. The finished size of the blocks was 6 1/2 inches (small) and were taking me about 6 hours per block. My goal was to make 2 blocks a week. I really enjoyed making them; each one seemed a small victory after ripping seams so many times trying to get points to line up. With a new baby at the time my sewing/crafting time was limited and I did not have 12 hours in the week to make 2 quilt blocks. I did learn a lot and gain block making experience. I have my book and blocks on my bookshelf and plan to return to them one day but Jeni's group has been a perfect fit. Her blocks are 12 1/2 in. unfinished and making one a month is so doable. I am excited to have a finished quilt at the end of the year with seemingly so little effort. My blocks are not perfect but I am making them faster and getting better. 

I had a hard time deciding what type of quilt to make and what colors to use. I finally decided to make a Christmas quilt and to use the fabric line Ruby. I bought some fat quarters and then Vintage Modern came out so I added in some of that too. Marmalade is coming in September (i think) and I am sure I will use some of that also. Only problem is the blocks are not looking so Christmassy any more with the orange and yellow. Originally I had planned to hand quilt the quilt with red thread but come December I might change my mind 


  1. your august block looks perfect! I can't believe I haven't seen your blog til now! Such a beautiful family! Happy sewing!

  2. I love your block! Can't wait to see the finished quilt. I think your fabric choices are perfect!