Wednesday, August 22, 2012

the New Old Scrapper

Family, pictures, cameras, and documenting life are all things that I love. As a kid I kept a diary and loved to journal. During High School I made an album with all my class pictures and report cards that started with kindergarten on up through my senior year. I made photo albums with maps, paper ephemera, and wrapping paper before there were any scrapbook companies. Fifteen plus years ago my sister's best friend became a consultant for Creative Memories and I was introduced to 12x12 scrapbooks and terms like archival quality and acid free. 

I have a big family and like to bring my pictures out of my scrapbooks and onto the walls. This wall leads from the entry way to the kitchen and is open to the family room so not a day goes by that I do not look at this wall. Pictures are a big part of our home.

I have scrapbooks in the family room, study, and on bookcases in the playroom. I think there are around 7 shelves full of the stories of our lives. Yet that is documenting a very small slice of our life. I have used 12x12, 8 1/2x11, 8x8, and all sizes in between.

I have made mini albums, school albums, travel journals, and family albums. I have documented  events as well as every day moments. I did a Photo a Day for a couple of years, before Project Life was around, and that worked well for me.  As life gets busy scrap booking is one of those things that goes to the bottom of my priority list. As our family has grown I have taken more and more photos but printed less and less. I bought a Project Life album a year and a half ago and journaled in it for 3 weeks but never printed pictures. I wasn't very fond of the album because journaling cards and papers all seemed so similar and I had ordered the wrong color album so the colors were not my favorite (although they go well with a lot of my photos). It was different from the style of scrap booking I was used to  (using many different colors and lines of paper) and for whatever reason I had decided that I needed a photo and documentation The album has sat on my back kitchen counter for the past year and a half. What was I thinking??  Last year I hit rock bottom when I had photos printed 1 time (for the whole year). This year I had set a goal to go through pictures each month, have my favorites printed, and put them into my Project Life album. If I do not have time to do scrap booking I figured I could at least take the time to print some photos on a monthly basis. Well the months have flown by this year and I never did take the time to go through photos, upload them, and order prints. I have actually been putting a lot of thought into figuring out what effective memory keeping looks like to a mom of 6, aunt to many, sister to a few, wife to 1, etc.
 August came and I decided I needed to take some initiative to acheive my goal. I took the time over a couple weekends staying up way too late choosing my favorite photos for each month of 2012. I uploaded them, chose print sizes (mostly 4x6 with some  12x12s, 8x10s and a few other special sizes), and had them printed. It was mail order so I didn't have to go pick them up at a store which is very convenient at this point in my life.
After doing this I have come to a few conclusions: 1.) I could have made life easier by sticking to my goal and going through pictures on a monthly basis instead of wading through seven months of photos at one time :). 2.) I will become more discriminating as to which photos are my "favorites" the longer I do this. As I placed photos into the sleeves I saw places where I could have told the story with less photos. 3.) Sorting photos on a monthly basis instead of daily/weekly is something that works for me at this time. 4.) Becky Higgins is amazing for simplifying scrap booking in this way making it easier and more doable in this day and age of busy lifestyles.!  I have used her Sketch books and admire her classic style of scrap booking.  5.) I am looking forward to making this project more "me".  There are some different configuration of page protecters I would like to try.  Heather Bailey, one of my favorite fabric designers is a new graphic designer for Project Life so I think this will be the route I take for 2013 too.
Lastly, the best thing I learned and the thing that makes this the most worthwhile, is my kids love this book and have wanted to look at it every day since I have put the photos in it. They love seeing themselves , seeing each other, and remembering the times of their lives. That's all it takes to make my heart happy and give me the motivation to do this on a monthly basis {and at some point tackle the past 10 years of my incredibly photo heavy good life}. If you have managed to stay with me through this whole post you are amazing!! p.s. this is not an advertisement; just me sharing my thoughts and the process that is working for me :)

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  1. I admire you for accomplishing your goal. Very impressive and from what I see, I just want to sit down and turn the pages with you!