Thursday, August 9, 2012

Top 10 Summer Favorites (not necessarily in order)

1. Running through the sprinklers!
2. Sunshine and blue skies always make me happy!

3. Time to relax and just hang out together

4. Planning projects...not so much doing...heavy on the planning

5. Homegrown veggies from the garden. We love pasta sauce from our tomatoes and basil.

6. Ice creamy, ice creamy cold and sweet
Ice creamy, ice creamy can't be beat!

7. sweet, little bare toes.

8. playing dress up. OK, this one is not seasonal and goes on around here all the time.

9. Summer deep clean. I empty all the kid's closets , wash the shelves down, donate the" donateable", toss the "undonateable", move things to younger kids' closets, etc, etc. This is how I start summer break. Depending on what kind of weather we had up until the end of school sometimes I don't get a chance to rotate the winter clothes out and the summer clothes in until the kids get out of school.

10. Lake time!

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