Friday, September 28, 2012

30 Days of Lists- week 4

For the month of September Flashback Fridays will go on hiatus and instead i will be sharing my lists from 30 Days of Lists. If you love making lists or are looking for a creative outlet involving paper or digital fun that only takes moments a day then 30 Days is the event for you. There's even a fun Flickr group to join. It is so fun to see all those lists together; each one unique and a reflection of the person who created it. There's no wrong way to be a Lister! I can't believe how quickly September has flown by as we are nearing the end. This entry was September 23, Current favorites.

September 24, Yesterday was

September 25, Places I've lived

September 26, Trends I cannot stand

September 27, Bravest things I've ever done

September 28, Little joys in my life

September 28,  Little joys in my life continued.( I have lots of little joys in my life!).
Hope you have a fun filled week end!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sewing Along with PR&P

This week I decided to sew along with Project Run and Play. There have been so many amazing clothes created the past few weeks by both the contestants and the sew alongers that I could no longer stand on the sidelines. I had to join in the fun! 

This weeks challenge at Project Run and Play is to make something, anything with a white sheet.  Since I did not have time to dye the sheet and would be keeping it white, I decided to make a summer dress. Something simple and sweet. I knew I wanted an empire waist and sketched out this design. This is the first dress I have ever drafted. Kind of. I drafted the bodice from a different dress with a different neck line and for the skirt I used Simplicity 2683. This had lots of helpful tips even though the bodice I made was a different style.

This shirt also influenced my design.

Third time was the charm. I had a hard time getting the neck line how I wanted it and made a couple of muslins first. Actually I just used the sheet since there was so much.

Late night in progress shot.

The most tedious part of making this dress was sewing on the circles. I ran two stitch lines down each  circle. I didn't want messy backstitching so I pulled the threads to the back and tied them off by hand. That would be 4x each circle. I didn't count how many circles there were but i would guess around 36-40. For these circles I cut bias strips of the sheet then cut the circles out around a punched shape and hope they don't fray.

This was a fun process and I learned a lot and made a lot of mistakes, too. I was holding my breathe as I put the dress on my daughter hoping that it would fit :).

The dress did fit!! For some reason I was kind of shocked that I could trace around an existing piece of clothing and have it turn into something that fits and fits quite well. It was almost like magic. I wonder if everyone feels that way the first time they draft a pattern?! It was nice to try something that I hadn't done before. It was terrifying and liberating all at the same time to make something without staring at a page of instructions. I am so glad I joined in this weeks challenge and had the opportunity to improve and stretch my sewing skills....

... and add another handmade by mom dress into this girls's closet. I am also linking up to The Train to Crazy for the Make It Wear It blog party! There are so many fun projects linked up every week providing so much inspiration! Always a great blog to drop by and check out. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I put all projects on hold this week to use my sewing time for a special project.  However, I did manage to take last week's (or was that the week before?)fabric stack and cut a bunch of strips from selvedge to selvedge.

Then I took those long strips and cut them into smaller strips. They sit  patiently waiting for me.  

This is the project I am spending my time on this week; Project Run and Play.  There were so many awesome things created last week that I had to join in this week and participate in the sew along. This week the challenge is to make something from a white sheet.

I had considered dying the sheet and doing an experiment with a bleach pen but since I have so little sewing time (unless I stay up all night sewing) I decided to draw up a little white dress. Simple, right?! Not so much. I think I am on my 3rd attempt to get the bodice right. I didn't have anything that was the neck line I wanted so I was working with 2 different t-shirts and a bowl to draft a pattern. 

During daylight hours I was able to get into my daughter's closet and found a  neckline that was an easier modification. Things were going great but then I used a different seam allowance on the bodice than the skirt part of the dress. It's a long story I won't bore you with and needless to say, the seam ripper is my best friend. That being said, I am having fun trying something I haven't done before and will be giving it another attempt after this challenge. Drafting up my own pattern has been on my to do list but without Project Run and Play it is not likely that I would be attempting this now. I am looking forward to a time when drafting my own pattern to make what I want is easier than using a store bought pattern!! Here's hoping I can finish my simple little dress before Friday morning! 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Children at Play- Quilts

I made a couple of quilts and a baby/doll blanket with the Children at Play line.  I made this Hopscotch stroller quilt for my toddler when she was a baby. I used kona ash and coal for the background to resemble concrete. The hopscotch is made from the prints and I added some embroidery and hand stitching around the hopscotch. It says, "Your dreams are just a hop, skip, and a jump away". I had the hardest time trying to get decent photos of this quilt.

For the back I wanted to create some butterflies among the floral print (from JoAnn's) but the picture in my head did not translate to the quilt. This was the second quilt I had ever made, the first being a doll quilt, so it was good practice.

I made the baby a set of scalloped bumpers to go with her Children at Play Quilt .

I used a pattern called "Blowing Bubbles" from Quilt Magazine August 2011 to make this quilt. This was the first crib size quilt I ever made.

Outside of the bumpers. They were hard to photograph.
Lastly, here is a doll blanket which I actually made first and was part of Sarah Jane's Quilt Market booth in May 2011.

I backed the blanket with some pink flannel. I made a few things for her booth  and it was so much fun!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Little Fabric House

I have been sharing my projects made with the Out to Sea line so I thought I would go back and share the things I made with Children at Play, Sarah Jane's first fabric line. This little fabric house was a fun project!

Each panel was embroidered and or appliqued. The girl in the window embroidery is a Sarah Jane  pattern and can be found here. When I saw this embroidery pattern I knew I wanted to make it as the side of a fabric I did. Once the house panels were together I surged the bottoms but they could be slipstitched closed.

The front door opens and one of Sarah Jane's girl is there to answer the knock.  Once I finished the house I decided it needed an address so I slipstitched a part of a selvedge with pretty colors.

The backyard is complete with trees, some toadstools, and a bird house.

Front of the house

Back of the house

The front panel opens so the girl can go into her house. I suppose  I should make her some furniture or at the very least, a friend.

Quite possibly, the part of this house that makes me happiest is the fabric covered buttons used to close the front panel. It's the little things in life that make me happy :). Happy Monday!! 

Friday, September 21, 2012

30 Days of Lists- Week 3

Things I would like to learn
For the month of September Flashback Fridays will go on hiatus and instead i will be sharing my lists from 30 Days of Lists. If you love making lists or are looking for a creative outlet involving paper or digital fun that only takes moments a day then 30 Days is the event for you. There's even a fun Flickr group to join. It is so fun to see all those lists together; each one unique and a reflection of the person who created it. There's no wrong way to be a Lister!

Favorite names

Events I would like to attend

Fictional friends

Everything I bought this week

Favorite photos of myself
 September is flying by and my book is feeling a little lumpy and worn just how I like it. Enjoy your weekend!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cape Narwhal

I finished up this cape to go with the Anchor dress (and other outfits this fall). It is still in the 90's here so we won't be getting much use out of this cape just yet, but sooner or later, fall will arrive.

I bought the outside fabric from JoAnn's and it is super soft...wish I had paid more attention to what type of fabric it was but the color was right and it was for cooler weather.
The inside lining is Sarah Jane's Out  to Sea narwhal print. When i finished this last night I wanted to cut out another dress,,,,,but I didn't. I have decided what i am going to do with the fabric stack from yesterday and have started cutting it up! I am linking up to Make It Wear It at the The Train To Crazy today.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I have this cape I am working on which will go with the Anchor dress. I had actually cut out another dress but am waiting on some fabric so I can put the dress together.

Then there is this fabric stack. This stack has been staring at me for nearly a year or at least a good 9 months. Last Christmas I made each of our kids a quilt...except for one, my youngest son. He has mentioned that fact 2 or 3 times. I have been stuck as to what pattern I wanted to do. I was thinking a log cabin but for some reason I haven't thoroughly committed to using that pattern. The real dilemma, though, is the cutting! I do not like to cut all the pieces. I am hoping by saying i need to get going on this project (it has to be done by this Christmas) that I will shame myself into starting on this quilt. I am telling myself I can finish the cape and the dress that is started but then no more clothes until I get a couple of blocks for this quilt made. Linking up to Freshly Pieced today.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

5 Fun Facts

I love finding great downloads on the internet and Monika has many different downloads to choose from! She posted this download a month or so ago. This download is so versatile and could be used for many different subjects. I think I will use it on each of my kids' birthdays to have a momento of them on their day or it could be used to document a holiday or any event. I love the grid layout and filling small spaces with words and little embellishments. One of my favorite elements on Monika's page was a white element on white paper. I guess that even after not seeing her page for a month or so that little heart stuck with me and landed on my page, too. I was able to complete this page in 10 minutes or less since the lay out and title were already done. Can't beat that!! You can find the download here.