Friday, September 14, 2012

30 Days of Lists- Week 2

For the month of September Flashback Fridays will go on hiatus and instead i will be sharing my lists from 30 Days of Lists. If you love making lists or are looking for a creative outlet involving paper or digital fun that only takes moments a day then 30 Days is the event for you. There's even a fun Flickr group to join. It is so fun to see all those lists together; each one unique and a reflection of the person who created it. There's no wrong way to be a Lister! Enjoy your weekend!!

Sept. 8: Out my front door

Sept. 9: Today you can find me

Sept. 10: I am at my best 

Sept. 11: Favorite scents and smells 

Sept. 12: Fictional places I'd like to live 

Sept. 13: Dinner party invitees

Sept. 14: I know I am getting older when

Sept. 15: I know I am young at heart when
Hope you have a great weekend!! I am looking forward to Friday night football even though my son won't be playing {because it is date night for my husband and I} and lunch with my bestie. 

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  1. GOOD stuff, Gina! I think I still have some of those note pads left that you sent me way back when {in the last photo}!