Friday, September 28, 2012

30 Days of Lists- week 4

For the month of September Flashback Fridays will go on hiatus and instead i will be sharing my lists from 30 Days of Lists. If you love making lists or are looking for a creative outlet involving paper or digital fun that only takes moments a day then 30 Days is the event for you. There's even a fun Flickr group to join. It is so fun to see all those lists together; each one unique and a reflection of the person who created it. There's no wrong way to be a Lister! I can't believe how quickly September has flown by as we are nearing the end. This entry was September 23, Current favorites.

September 24, Yesterday was

September 25, Places I've lived

September 26, Trends I cannot stand

September 27, Bravest things I've ever done

September 28, Little joys in my life

September 28,  Little joys in my life continued.( I have lots of little joys in my life!).
Hope you have a fun filled week end!!

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  1. you are very brave! and very joyful!...there is probably a connection :)