Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A {Belated} Birthday Placemat

This little project seemed to take forever and kind of changed as I went.  I didn't have a real clear  plan when I started. I just knew that i was making a placemat and wanted to do a patchwork Nursery Versery border. I wanted an embroidered mouse with some strawberries but couldn't find a pattern. I tried drawing one of the mice from the fabric but it looked more like 2nd grade art, which is great when you are in 2nd grade but not so good when you are trying to imitate Heather Ross. I found this mouse pattern at NeedleCrafter.com

The original pattern had the mouse holding a daisy umbrella and rain drops falling but I wanted my mouse to hold strawberries instead. The mouse was looking up so I decided to add three balloons since this was made for my daughter who just turned three. The flowers along the bottom are a free download from Aneela Hoey at Comfortstitching. Aneela is a pro at embroidering and does beautiful work!

I backed it with a Heather Ross Spoonflower print from a couple of years ago. This is less than perfect and I learned  that even with something at this size (17x17) you should tape the backing to the floor and do some pinning before basting the pieces together :).

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