Monday, September 24, 2012

Little Fabric House

I have been sharing my projects made with the Out to Sea line so I thought I would go back and share the things I made with Children at Play, Sarah Jane's first fabric line. This little fabric house was a fun project!

Each panel was embroidered and or appliqued. The girl in the window embroidery is a Sarah Jane  pattern and can be found here. When I saw this embroidery pattern I knew I wanted to make it as the side of a fabric I did. Once the house panels were together I surged the bottoms but they could be slipstitched closed.

The front door opens and one of Sarah Jane's girl is there to answer the knock.  Once I finished the house I decided it needed an address so I slipstitched a part of a selvedge with pretty colors.

The backyard is complete with trees, some toadstools, and a bird house.

Front of the house

Back of the house

The front panel opens so the girl can go into her house. I suppose  I should make her some furniture or at the very least, a friend.

Quite possibly, the part of this house that makes me happiest is the fabric covered buttons used to close the front panel. It's the little things in life that make me happy :). Happy Monday!! 


  1. That is such a sweet little project! I love all the little touches you added - just beautiful!