Monday, September 17, 2012

Say Cheese! Polaroid Block Swap

I got lucky and was able to join in a swap Down Under with Kristy.

I made 10 for fun then had to make 10 more! There is a fabulous chain piecing tutorial at the  Capitola Quilter which makes putting these together a breeze. I think I am going to make at least 10 more before sending them off.

I haven't decided what I will turn these blocks into but I sure do like them.


  1. They are so fun to make aren't they! You have some great little prints in the mix!

    I'm planning to turn mine into an I-Spy quilt for my kidlets for Christmas. They are already loving the blocks so I think a quilt will be perfect!

  2. Do you as a rule only for your site or maybe for other online or offline portals?