Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sewing Along with PR&P

This week I decided to sew along with Project Run and Play. There have been so many amazing clothes created the past few weeks by both the contestants and the sew alongers that I could no longer stand on the sidelines. I had to join in the fun! 

This weeks challenge at Project Run and Play is to make something, anything with a white sheet.  Since I did not have time to dye the sheet and would be keeping it white, I decided to make a summer dress. Something simple and sweet. I knew I wanted an empire waist and sketched out this design. This is the first dress I have ever drafted. Kind of. I drafted the bodice from a different dress with a different neck line and for the skirt I used Simplicity 2683. This had lots of helpful tips even though the bodice I made was a different style.

This shirt also influenced my design.

Third time was the charm. I had a hard time getting the neck line how I wanted it and made a couple of muslins first. Actually I just used the sheet since there was so much.

Late night in progress shot.

The most tedious part of making this dress was sewing on the circles. I ran two stitch lines down each  circle. I didn't want messy backstitching so I pulled the threads to the back and tied them off by hand. That would be 4x each circle. I didn't count how many circles there were but i would guess around 36-40. For these circles I cut bias strips of the sheet then cut the circles out around a punched shape and hope they don't fray.

This was a fun process and I learned a lot and made a lot of mistakes, too. I was holding my breathe as I put the dress on my daughter hoping that it would fit :).

The dress did fit!! For some reason I was kind of shocked that I could trace around an existing piece of clothing and have it turn into something that fits and fits quite well. It was almost like magic. I wonder if everyone feels that way the first time they draft a pattern?! It was nice to try something that I hadn't done before. It was terrifying and liberating all at the same time to make something without staring at a page of instructions. I am so glad I joined in this weeks challenge and had the opportunity to improve and stretch my sewing skills....

... and add another handmade by mom dress into this girls's closet. I am also linking up to The Train to Crazy for the Make It Wear It blog party! There are so many fun projects linked up every week providing so much inspiration! Always a great blog to drop by and check out. 


  1. this is so pretty, I love the shape of this dress, she is so cute !

  2. lovely, as always, Gina! I remember the first time I drafted a pattern from one of my girls' dresses...It was for a homemade Tinkerbell costume and I had only had my machine for a few weeks and literally had no idea what I was doing! Yet, some how, it worked! The costume fit her (barely) and lasted her the whole night. So what does your daughter think about all of these mama-made clothes? Does she love everything?