Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello October!

  Hello October...I am so happy to see you as you are my favorite month!! The temperature forecast this week is for triple digits so I am hoping you bring cooler temps. The 80's would be great. Although I am a summer girl I am ready to bring out the cardigans and I am tired of the heat. I would like to enjoy a seasonal coffee from Starbucks, like a Pumpkin Spice, and not have it iced.
  I am hoping inspiration strikes and I can come up with some creative Halloween costumes. If inspiration doesn't come, we will have to dig through the costume box from years past, and that will be o.k.
   I am also hoping and praying that Erik's knee improves enough so he can play football. He has now missed 4 games and it is not likely he will play this week and possibly not next week. He has never once complained or whined but I know it is killing him to be on the sidelines. After this week's game Coach came and talked to Steve and I and said Erik has been begging to run routes, etc. Erik isn't able to run normal yet and his knee is swollen but Coach is hoping Erik will be able to play in the play offs. We are 6-0 with our toughest games coming up. Erik was all league last year so it has been tough not getting to play. there are four games left in the regular season. We had a 5 hour round trip road trip to Tulelake on Saturday and this week we head to Happy Camp for Friday nights game. 

   Is it ever too soon to go to the Pumpkin patch? I am thinking we will go there after one of Sam's Saturday football games and hopefully it will be less than 100 degrees! We do not get a ton of fall color here but there are some trees that change color and I am always looking around to see them. I also love all the yummy apples that come into season, like Honey Crisp. Yes, I am looking forward to all that October brings!!

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