Thursday, October 11, 2012

KCWC Finish

This robe is a pattern by Joanna Figueroa of  Fig Tree and Co. It is reversible so with two layers of flannel this will be pretty toasty this winter and the flannel is so soft which my daughter loves. The pattern is straight forward and simple to put together but it took longer to make than I thought it would. The pattern said they made 2 in one afternoon with time to spare. "They" must be more than 1 person. I sew in little bits of time and I didn't track my time but I believe it was over 6 hours. That is not counting the day I traced the pattern onto freezer paper and cut the pattern out. Maybe my expectations were not realistic...maybe I thought that since it is Kids Clothes Week I could magically finish a garment a day instead of a garment a week or sometimes every 2 weeks.

It was enjoyable to sew up. Since it is reversible 2 robes are made and attached and all seams are surged. Maybe I can count this as 2 finishes? :). I am going to stash this away and wrap it up for her birthday next month. Twin A done; now to make one for Twin B. My original goal was to make 2 robes and 2 pairs of pajamas this week but I am modifying that goal to completing 2 robes. I am knee deep in college applications and deadlines, and checklists, and decisions for my oldest. Hope your week is going well and Happy Thursday!! Since it is Thursday I will be linking up to Make It Wear It   blog party with  The Train to Crazy


  1. Yay...the robe is lovely! And I know what you mean. I made a reversible apron one time and it took really is like making two and only having one to show for it! Take care and good luck with those big decisions (I don't even want to think about my girls being at that stage. Ack!)

  2. that is such a pretty robe! great job on a finish!