Thursday, October 25, 2012

Little Things

This has been a crazy, busy week. Some kids have finished school early, others have gone the whole day. All of the kids are off school today and tomorrow. There have been parent teacher conferences, an early in the week flag football game, an extra trip to home and back to the park to get a forgotten mouthguard. Babies with no naps. I did manage to make a couple little things. My 3 year old just recently started sleeping on a pillow. I had made her a strawberry pillowcase when she was a baby but she needed another so while one pillowcase is in the laundry I have a clean one to put it on. I made this one night at midnight so it is nothing fancy and only took about 10 minutes to make. I have had this little bird flannel print for a few years and had bought it at JoAnn's. It is sooo soft.

Since the pillow was on the floor baby sister had to try it out too!

I made baby sister a dress. It was a simple dress that came together quickly.  This is the first piece of clothing I have made for her as she benefits from the trickle down effect... i make things for her older sisters then they make their way down to her.

It is a summer dress that can be warmed up by wearing a blouse underneath and adding tights or leggings. We had some rain this week and some colder (in the 60's) weather so this weekend I need to pull out the cold weather clothes.
It's Thursday so I am linking up to The Train to Crazy for Make It Wear It Blog Party.  In addition to checking out the cute stuff over there, she has had a series all month for Halloween costumes. If you are short on ideas there are a ton of ideas and tutorials over there.

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  1. they may be little things, but they sure are pretty :)