Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Memories of the Weekend

This weekend was very full. This month has so much going on and it has flown by. I can't believe the month is over half way gone. As the month winds down so is our football season.

I want to lock all these memories away in my mind. Football is something my son loves and I have  loved watching him play. The evening light on the football field, the boys doing their pre-game warm ups. There usually seems to be a barbeque going. Chatting with other parents. Younger kids playing on the sidelines usually being pretty silly...

...then the clock winds down and the captains go onto the field for the coin toss: Hayden, Jesse, Matt, and Erik have been the captains for the past three years since the beginning of our football program. Matt and Erik will be passing the jobs on to others when they graduate. Then the kick off and the game. To end the game the boys always do their team chant. I love all the rituals. We won this week's game and move to 9-0. Next week's game will be our toughest as we face another undefeated team and then we will have playoffs. This is a season of life that I wish would last just a little bit longer. 

Saturday morning my other son had a basketball game and then a flag football game . Sorry no pictures. After the 2 little ones took a nap we headed to the pumpkin patch. Erik went to see a movie with his girlfriend and I couldn't talk Sam into coming. Granted Halloween is close but I have never seen such a barren pumpkin patch. I am not sure if we were just too late or if it wasn't a very good crop.

Cute little pumpkins.

We usually get a pumpkin for each family member so I am going to have to pick up a few more pumpkins at the grocery store.

Baby girl had fun. She was too small last year to have any pumpkin patch memories.

The sun was going down and the Patch was getting ready to close but the girls did enjoy some time on an obstacle course and bouncy slide as well as a playground area.

I always try for that elusive group photo. I couldn't capture it today so I will have to keep trying.

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the way home. Sunday was busy as well with church in the morning and Sam went to a birthday party in the afternoon. The twins got their Halloween costumes. I need to pull out the dress up box this week to see what will fit the younger two girls. We will be a hodge podge group again this year. Someday, maybe someday I will be able to pull off a group theme Halloween costume group...but probably not. Every one has their own ideas about what they want to dress up as. Hope your week is off to a good start!!

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