Thursday, October 4, 2012

My Favorite Ship

I made this dress using My Favorite Ship, a print from Sarah Jane's Out to Sea fabric line and a vintage Simplicity pattern, #1108. The copyright date is 1955 and the dress, to me, represents the 50's to a T. 

 From history and t.v. shows, childhood in the 50's seemed to be idyllic. Kids played in the streets and rode their bikes to the park. There were no cell phones, 24 hour news cycles, video games, or social media. Life was simpler yet in some ways more difficult. These are just my impressions as I didn't live through this time period.

Most times when I choose a fabric to sew I try and "match" it with a pattern. Sometimes the "matching" involves the theme (nautical, etc) of the fabric or the emotion that the drawings on the fabric can conjure up like whimsy, playful, etc.. Sarah Jane's drawings feel modern but with a hint of vintage; not set in a specific era. It was the hint of vintage that made me choose a vintage pattern for this modern fabric.

 I like to sew with older patterns because they are like small time capsules. Used by others before me to make things for their children. There are differences between old patterns and new ones; by using both you can see how sewing has been streamlined. 

 It is fun to come across a pattern where you use a technique not often used today. In this dress I sewed a continuous lap. The diagram in the instructions was not clear so I had to resort to U-tube, as I did not have a copy of the Simplicity Book of Sewing as the instructions suggested. Ahh the irony...vintage patterns and U-tube. Sometimes it is nice living in an era of instant information! It is Thursday so I am linking up to Make It Wear It Thursday at The Train to Crazy.


  1. That is such a sweet dress and how absolutely adorable is your little model!
    I wish I had the knack (and patience!) for sewing clothes!

  2. I think the pattern you chose for this print is spot-on! I wish I was better at matching up which fabrics to use for which projects. But!...I was out of town over the weekend and found a little quilt shop with some Sarah Jane fabric and was so excited to pick some up! Not sure what it'll end up being, but you've been a tremendous inspiration. Take care!