Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Little Thank You

I had a birthday in October so I have been needing to make some simple  thank you cards since I needed to make 10. As I was sitting with my leg elevated for the past 3 weeks I thought to myself, "This would be a good time to be writing notes in the thank you cards". I tried to make some cards only to realize I am a "stander" Almost everything I do, I stand. I tried to make some cards but I kept needing to stand so I wasn't able to get the cards made. I tried sewing, and although I sit at the machine it seems I spend more time standing to cut or standing to press seams, etc. Finally, this week, my leg is less swollen and I am able to stand more so I am getting back to my usual routine and got some cards made today. I got everything cut out during nap time. I had to take the twins for their teeth cleaning so I did the stamping at the dentist and then finished assembling the cards after the kids were tucked into bed. They were simple and pretty fast to make. I had received a piece of junk mail which inspired the design. I do not like holding onto junk and threw it out before I took a picture :(.

I cut the card base then used my TopNote die from Stampin' Up to make the front flap. With a scrap piece of kraft paper I cut 1" strips.

Next I stamped the front of the cards.

Then I folded the 1" strips in half to make a flap. If you use a bone folder or a similar tool you will get a much crisper crease.

I taped the flap to the back of the card using super strong red tape.

Then I added tape to the front of the flap...

... and added the card front.

Here is the card open.

Here are half of the cards waiting to have little notes written in them. I like how my friends and family's favorite colors ended up making a rainbow. Two more days until Thanksgiving and I have lots to be thankful for!

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