Thursday, November 29, 2012

Four My Friend

I made this pillow for a friend but I am not sure I like it so I may not give it to her. She has so many beautiful handmade pillows so I wanted to make something simple to compliment her collection and honor her family of four. The fabric of the appliqued 4 is a tone on tone print of numbers which did not photograph. 

It was the first time I made piping to put around a pillow and the corners came out wonky. That's the part of the pillow that I dislike. I did some seam ripping but could't fix it; i think I may need to start over and will chalk this one up to practice. I have been loving the low volume quilts I have been seeing on Flickr so wanted this for the pillow front with a pop of color.

I have also been loving all of the triangle quilts and pillows on flickr  so I chose this print from the Frippery line. I made a little tag to write her a little note, too. Just a little fyi... next week I am working on pulling together a little "Countdown to Christmas" week featuring handmade Christmasy goodies using tutorials from around the web and some of my own designs. Some projects will be sewn, stamped, paper pieced, or paper crafted. I am not biased towards 1 craft... i love them all!


  1. Oh I think it's a lovely cushion - I can't seen any wonkiness in the piping! I think it's fab - with a really nice sentiment behind it! I bet your friend would agree :)

  2. it's sweet :)
    I really like the little red heart

  3. I love the pillow! Perhaps you can seen the wonkiness better from your perspective, but whatever there may be is surely outdone by the thoughtfulness that went into it. Lovely!