Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Monday Memories of the Weekend.. on Tuesday

Our team is now 12-0! Our final final game is this week. It is kind of bittersweet as our quarterback is out with a broken collarbone. It happened in the 2nd quarter. Our 2nd string quarterback (and phenomenal receiver) went out about a month ago with a separated shoulder so we are down to our 3rd string quarterback. He is pretty good and is one of my son's best buddies. He is at our house quite often and is pretty much part of the family as we have known him for 13 years. We have confidence in him! 

This week's game is a rematch of our last regular season game. The toughest game we had all year. That game was won by a defense and we are going to have to rely on them to do it again this week. Saturday was Sam's Turkey Bowl which is the end of the flag football season. I was home with napping girls and Steve didn't take the camera. Sam had a great season and we are proud of him! My sister had the family to her house for dinner on Sunday for my brother-in law's birthday (Happy Birthday Bill!). Steve and the kids went but i stayed home with my leg elevated. I am still waiting to return to normal. My sis did send me a dinner plate and a piece of birthday pie :).

The kids were off school yesterday but Steve worked. After breakfast the girls were wanting to draw so we brought out the colored pencils and color books.

Even Baby had fun and I was pretty impressed with the little squiggles she drew.

Miss J had plans of her own and wanted to make some birthday decorations.

This one had as much fun sharpening the pencils as she did coloring!

I have several piles of projects since I haven't been able to sew for 2 weeks. I had big fall sewing plans that are going to have to take a back seat as I need to get Sam's quilt done for Christmas.  I also have a little paper piecing project that I really want to do. I did a little sewing today and hope that with each day I will be able to extend the amount of time I have my leg down. As a side note, Monday we celebrated Veteran's Day here in the U.S. I am so thankful to those who have served and are currently serving to keep our country safe and free! I hope your week is off to a great start!

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  1. I will be cheering them on from across the country...wow, what a season for those young men. And I will be hoping that you get to craft a bit more each day, which is good for your soul. Cleaning will always wait, but a happy Mama goes a long way!