Thursday, December 20, 2012

5 Days and Counting...

Christmas seems to have come much faster than any other year. It hasn't snuck up on me but I just don't know where the days go sometimes. This week has been busy. My school kids have been getting out at different times which has led to a lot more driving for me, well baby checks, basketball practice every day, Christmas programs, etc has left little time for sewing. I had to finish this blanket as today is the last day of school for Christmas break so my youngest son wanted to give it to his friend  today. Her favorite color combo is soft pink, turquoise, and white. We couldn't find a snuggle print in those colors so my son picked this penguin print and a pink dot background. I think she will like it. 
For my oldest son's girlfriend we (yes, he is going to help!) are making a tied fleece blanket. She is from Alabama and is a true Alabama fan so we ordered this fleece (it is soo soft) and bought the backing at JoAnn's. It is on our kitchen table right now in the process of being cut. I am hoping that with the two of us it won't take too long to put together.

I have 12 more blocks waiting to be pressed and squared for my son's quilt. Originally I was going to make it 42 squares but now I am leaning towards 30 squares. If I go with the 30 squares I only need 6 more. I will decide once I make the 30 and lay it out. We do have some basketball games to go to and gingerbread houses to make and some other activities to do in the next few days so I am not sure if I will complete this before Christmas. I am kind of hoping Santa brings me a new sewing machine (one that quilts) so I might not want to finish it before Christmas. :) 


  1. You are a super-busy Mama! I absolutely love that your son is helping you make a gift for his girlfriend. So sweet! Good luck finishing things up and I hope Santa is good to you this year. ;)

  2. Oh I'm with you - Christmas has definitely come around faster this year!!

    Looks like you have been really busy with lots of fab projects! Here's hoping for a big sewing-machine shaped gift under the tree for you ;)