Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A New {Tree} Skirt

I have needed a new tree skirt for like forever. Every year I look at them and think they are too expensive. The ones that aren't too expensive are ugly. Then the other week Rachel posted two vintage inspired tree skirt DIY's. Rachel is always coming up with awesome DIY's and shares a lot about her home decorating process and lots of vintage on her blog. I was completely smitten by her Christmas trees, ornaments, and tree skirts and was very inspired to make my own tree skirt. Her tutorial made it sooo could I not?!? So I did!
Our family room ceilings are high so we usually get a taller tree so I started with 2 yards of felt. The felt was 72 in. wide so I had a square and followed Rachel's instructions for making the skirt. I am loving cream and gold and stars this season so that was my starting point. I bought 3 different types of gold shimmery fabric. I was a little nervous about ironing interfacing to these synthetic fabrics but I used a dish towel between the interfacing and iron and it worked just fine- no melted fabric. After the first batch I switched to wonder under because I decided I wanted the stars to be adhered to the felt in addition to being sewn on.

Once the interfacing/wonder under was adhered I ran the pieces of fabric thru my Big Kick.

I didn't count how many stars I made but I used a half yard of fabric. As a side note if I had it to do again I would not use interfacing and just use wonder under (or a double sided adhesive). One of the fabrics kind of shredded with the interfacing when I sewed them onto the felt but the same fabric with wonder under did not shred. 

Next I took a half yard of satin and cut it into 2 inch strips then sewed them end to end. This ended up being a 10 yard strip. I finished the edges by running them through my serger. After that I ran a gathering stitch down the middle of the strip.

To make the gathering manageable I found the center of the satin strip and the center of the skirt, pinned them together and gathered half of the skirt at a time. This took me a fair amount of time. I should measure the circumference of the circle; it is huge! 

Once the ruffle was pinned I stitched it down. In the picture above you can see I had 4 different sized stars. I placed the large stars evenly around the skirt. I "stirred" the other stars then sprinkled them around the skirt and let them fall where they may. If I had a machine that did free motion stitching I would have used it to make some swirly star trails around the skirt to stitch the stars down. It took a really long time to sew each individual star down but it seemed to be the neatest way to do it. Afterwards I used a press cloth on the stars and pressed them down.

This project took me longer than I had anticipated; the tree skirt was super fast but I could have kept the embellishing simpler. It was worth it as it turned out just the way I wanted. Now that the skirt is made I need to decorate the tree so I can take some proper pictures. 


  1. Oh it's such a pretty tree skirt - definitely worth the time and effort. Plus it'll be a beautiful addition to the Christmas tree year after year!

  2. What a pretty tree skirt and I really like the train!!