Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bags and Tags

During November Kristy at Quiet Play co-hosted  Sew Seasonal. I used three of the paper piecing patterns. I made this gift bag to put the twins' teacher's gift. I used felt for the base of the bag and hand stamped it with snowflakes before i cut the felt up. i added some holly to the snowman's hat and a scarf around his neck. Kristy has me completely addicted to paper piecing!  
Every bag needs a tag so I reduced the tree and stocking patterns to make tags.

This tag isn't paper pieced. I just stamped on duck cloth. It makes a nice sturdy tag.

For the stocking I added some twill ribbon with the word "Believe" on it and a snowflake eyelet. I left the paper attached to the back of the stocking after paper piecing to give the tag some sturdiness.

I made the Christmas tree first, sans the bucket on the pattern, as i reduced the pattern and there were some teeny, tiny pieces I didn't want to fiddle with. I used interfacing on this tag (i made this before the stocking) and the interfacing wasn't sturdy enough so the tag is not as crisp as I would like. The green tree fabric is glittery and i added an iron-on that says "Merry Christmas". Thanks so much to Kristy and Alyce for the patterns and work they put into organizing this blog hop!! 
Sew Seasonal - A Christmas blog hop!



  1. Wow Gina! I can't believe the teeny tags you did as a new paper piecer! Go you! They look fantastic!! So glad to hear the paper piecing bug has bitten ;) It is rather fun!

    Love the bag for the teacher's gifts - great idea!

  2. Oh my goodness! Kristy told me you just started paper piecing, and here you are make teeny ones already?! And that bag is fabulous!

  3. Fabulous effort Gina!! Welcome to the world of paper pieced addiction! I think we should all blame Kristy :D

  4. Oh, I just love your blog! Kristy recommended it and it's gorgeous! How you get so much crafting done with 6 kids I just don't know! I struggle with my 3 :) The Sew Seasonal Blog Hop was fun, I love those PP patterns too, Kristy is a great pattern designer!