Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas Pillows and Banners

I made these pillows a couple of years ago. The "Joy" pillow was a Pottery Barn knockoff; I always love anything with text or even just one word. I found a typewriter font I liked and printed it out on a piece of regular copy paper. Then I taped the paper to the window so the word was backwards and outlined it onto freezer paper. I took an Exacto to trim out the letters. I ironed the freezer paper onto the linen and painted over the stencil. I let the paint dry and then removed the freezer paper. To further define the letters I used a gold paint pen to outline the letters. I love hand stitching so I stitched a frame around the pillow. I added some piping and backed the pillow with ticking.

For the pointsetta pillow I googled "pointsetta template". I used the template to cut the wool felt then basted the layers together and stitched some beads in the centers. For the last pillow I added a simple ruffle. 

I think Pinterest has subliminally got me hooked on stars. I have seen star banners all over Pinterest and wanted one for this Christmas season. Nicole punched out the stars from an old book.

She had practiced stitching a straight line over the summer so I gave her a sewing machine refresher course and she ran most of the stars through the sewing machine. Having crafting time with the twins working on our projects is the best, or at least one of the best, parts of motherhood. The 2 littles were taking their naps so we could do our project and not have to worry about the baby or toddler running off with our tools or project.

On with the decorating....


  1. Love the star garland! What a great idea! It's extra special that the kidlets made it with you.

    Beautiful cushions too! I love the pointsettias!

  2. Adore the joy pillow, but you already knew that!