Monday, December 3, 2012

December Daily

I have done a December Daily every year since Ali Edwards first came up with the concept. It is an album that can be done any way you like and you can use any format. Some people start the day after Thanksgiving, some people the 1st of December to the 1st of January. It is basically documenting the month with the activities, traditions, and the every day activities that fill your life. I have done a 12x12 album, an 8x8 album, 6x12 album, and some homemade sizes. I typically journal from December 1 until Christmas and have always included a photo for each day until this year.

So many of the activities we do this month are repetitive: the Christmas tree, making Christmas cutout  cookies, doing a 1000 piece puzzle, making gingerbread houses, etc that I had decided to not keep an album. It would just be 1 more thing to do that I did not have time to do. Then I came across this and was completely inspired to make a December album list style. I printed out the prompts Annette wrote up and am using some and making up some of my own. Here is the pretty album she has put together. I love how she has incorporated stars as I am on a star kick this season. I have older kids where the magic of Christmas is no longer there but I also have young kids where things are new and exciting so I want to have a record of those memories. I even had the perfect album I bought from Evalicious about 4 years ago. I had never used it because i found it too small to put pictures in but it is perfect for keeping lists! Win-win!!

So I am off and running with my new list book and am so happy to say "Hello December". My kids are all excited about our Christmas activities and festivities...and so am I!!

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  1. Absolutely perfect. I made a list of lists today that I want to include in our album.