Monday, December 31, 2012

Out With the Old, In With the New

Looking over this past year I was surprised by how many things I made.

If I knew how to make a mosaic I would put the things I made into categories like dresses, quilts, tea towels, etc....

Since I do not know how to make a mosaic I decided to post some pictures of things I have made but not blogged.

Quite a few things made with "Out to Sea".

The thing I made the most were dresses for my girls; the 3 older ones. I only made one for baby. That will change this year.

In 2012 I tried English paper piecing and foundation piecing, too. I love them both.

I also started to blog this year.

I made some quilts that were in my head.

I don't think I will ever tire of making vintage patterns.

I also got real adventurous in the dress making department and started doing buttonholes. I think I prefer them to zippers. 

In December I have been thinking about goals, sewing goals for the new year. I am still working to find balance in sewing and blogging and where it fits in with my family life. It is hard to make monthly goals because life happens so I have come up with some goals for the course of the year to give me a jumping in place (I accomplish so much more when I have goals).

During 2013 I would like to:
1. learn to make a mosaic
2. make my mom a lap quilt
3. get better at paper piecing
4. make a dress (or blouse) with pintucks
5. get some other quilts that are in my head to reality
6. participate in a swap
7. improve in photography and set up fun photo shoots
8. sew with knits
9. learn to free motion quilt
10. buy a quilting machine (so I can accomplish #9) but a few days before Christmas our dishwasher died so we had to buy a new one and then a couple of days ago my vacuum decided to not work. Taking it in to the Vacuum doctor today and I am hoping it is a quick (inexpensive) fix!! Happy New Year to You!!!


  1. Hi Gina, what a creative year you've had! I especially love the girly dresses. I just wanted to mention that you can make collages easily and for free using pic monkey dot com that's what I use anyway :) happy new year!

  2. Oh you've made some beautiful things Gina! And as always - gorgeous photographs!

    I'm with Gem - I use pic monkey for collages. It's so easy :)

  3. I hope you get to get a quilting machine and that darn vacuum gets better quick. I look at my BE tea towel every time i walk into my studio and I smile knowing that you made it for me! Happy New Year dear friend.

  4. I love seeing what you've made this's all so, so lovely! Also, your list of goals is really inspiring. I hadn't really had much interest in coming up with a "resolution", but I think some solid goals would do me good. :) Thanks for sharing!