Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Post Christmas Clean Up

I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas! Relaxing and 6 kids do not go hand in hand but we had a fun Christmas for sure!! As 20twelve is coming to a close I am busy doing some reorganization and finding places for the new goodies that came on Christmas. I usually take down the tree the day after Christmas but my family vetoed that idea so I will probably tackle that job tomorrow.

I am not a resolution maker but I am a goal setter and have been simmering ideas for goals I would like to make for the new year. A new year always brings anticipation of a blank slate full of possibility. Happy Thursday!!


  1. I'm not big on resolutions either, Gina, but I do love goals. I'm peculating with ideas for the new year right along with you!

    Adorable Christmas picture!

  2. No crazy resolutions here either but goals are good!

    Glad to hear you had a lovely Christmas!