Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Memories from the Weekend

It was another busy and beautiful October weekend. The highlight was  Erik's football game where we were able to maintain a perfect season and go 10-0. The babysitter was sick so we took the girls who did pretty well considering they were up way past their bedtime. Both of my sisters and their families came too.

It was nice to have the whole family there since it was Senior night and each of the 9 Seniors were spotlighted. It was a really tough game as we were playing another undefeated team. We were down at the half but the defense was phenomenal and did not allow any points to be scored by our opponent in the 2nd half. We are ready for play offs!! Happy Monday!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Flashback Friday- October Traditions

October is always full of so many fun activities and so many sweet memories. There is always trick or treating. This year the dog costume was handed down.

The girls usually choose a princess related costume. 

Neither of the boys were too into costumes. I think once they were in 4th grade they didn't dress up. Once my oldest stopped dressing up my younger son wouldn't  dress up (they are 4 years apart) Ninja was the choice of costume 9 times out of 10. 

October always includes a trip to the pumpkin patch.

Carving the pumpkins is always fun and everyone loves to do it. There are usually power tools involved in my husband's case. I am old school and pretty much stick to the triangle eyes and a toothy grin like my dad always did. everyone gets a pumpkin.

There have been a few times when the costume we planned on is not the costume worn Halloween night. The twins loved to dress up on a daily basis when they were younger so we have a pretty big box for the the younger girls to choose from.

The one time out of 10 he wasn't a ninja he was a pirate.

One year there was a pumpkin canon at the pumpkin patch. The boys liked it!

Sometimes we make more than 1 trip to the pumpkin patch.

My sweet little lamb. We will be having our annual pumpkin carving fest this weekend along with a couple of football games. Hope you have a fun weekend!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Little Things

This has been a crazy, busy week. Some kids have finished school early, others have gone the whole day. All of the kids are off school today and tomorrow. There have been parent teacher conferences, an early in the week flag football game, an extra trip to home and back to the park to get a forgotten mouthguard. Babies with no naps. I did manage to make a couple little things. My 3 year old just recently started sleeping on a pillow. I had made her a strawberry pillowcase when she was a baby but she needed another so while one pillowcase is in the laundry I have a clean one to put it on. I made this one night at midnight so it is nothing fancy and only took about 10 minutes to make. I have had this little bird flannel print for a few years and had bought it at JoAnn's. It is sooo soft.

Since the pillow was on the floor baby sister had to try it out too!

I made baby sister a dress. It was a simple dress that came together quickly.  This is the first piece of clothing I have made for her as she benefits from the trickle down effect... i make things for her older sisters then they make their way down to her.

It is a summer dress that can be warmed up by wearing a blouse underneath and adding tights or leggings. We had some rain this week and some colder (in the 60's) weather so this weekend I need to pull out the cold weather clothes.
It's Thursday so I am linking up to The Train to Crazy for Make It Wear It Blog Party.  In addition to checking out the cute stuff over there, she has had a series all month for Halloween costumes. If you are short on ideas there are a ton of ideas and tutorials over there.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

For my Sister

Today is my sister's birthday so I made her a card. Happy Birthday Sister!!

I didn't have a real plan going into this but knew it had to be her favorite color, purple. I like the sentiment in this stamp set that says, "You are fabulous".

Starting with a light purple I stamped a large flower in the bottom corner then without re-inking I stamped flowers on each side of the corner flower.

Then I said, "Whoops, there is a lot of blank space that needs filling in. I took a script background stamp and stamped a neutral color then sponged around the edges to blend.

To add some dimension I then re-stamed the flower with a darker purple. 

Next I spritzed the card with some gold shimmer. It is hard to photograph the effects of this, but it is a pretty effect.

The sentiment, which was the reason I chose this stamp set, ended up being too big to fit. This is what happens when you wing it and don't make a plan before you start making a card. I chose another, smaller sentiment and embossed it in gold. I stapled a little ribbon to it then added dimensionals to pop up the sentiment. Now to figure out a gift before I see her on Friday to celebrate!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Memories of the Weekend

This weekend was very full. This month has so much going on and it has flown by. I can't believe the month is over half way gone. As the month winds down so is our football season.

I want to lock all these memories away in my mind. Football is something my son loves and I have  loved watching him play. The evening light on the football field, the boys doing their pre-game warm ups. There usually seems to be a barbeque going. Chatting with other parents. Younger kids playing on the sidelines usually being pretty silly...

...then the clock winds down and the captains go onto the field for the coin toss: Hayden, Jesse, Matt, and Erik have been the captains for the past three years since the beginning of our football program. Matt and Erik will be passing the jobs on to others when they graduate. Then the kick off and the game. To end the game the boys always do their team chant. I love all the rituals. We won this week's game and move to 9-0. Next week's game will be our toughest as we face another undefeated team and then we will have playoffs. This is a season of life that I wish would last just a little bit longer. 

Saturday morning my other son had a basketball game and then a flag football game . Sorry no pictures. After the 2 little ones took a nap we headed to the pumpkin patch. Erik went to see a movie with his girlfriend and I couldn't talk Sam into coming. Granted Halloween is close but I have never seen such a barren pumpkin patch. I am not sure if we were just too late or if it wasn't a very good crop.

Cute little pumpkins.

We usually get a pumpkin for each family member so I am going to have to pick up a few more pumpkins at the grocery store.

Baby girl had fun. She was too small last year to have any pumpkin patch memories.

The sun was going down and the Patch was getting ready to close but the girls did enjoy some time on an obstacle course and bouncy slide as well as a playground area.

I always try for that elusive group photo. I couldn't capture it today so I will have to keep trying.

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset on the way home. Sunday was busy as well with church in the morning and Sam went to a birthday party in the afternoon. The twins got their Halloween costumes. I need to pull out the dress up box this week to see what will fit the younger two girls. We will be a hodge podge group again this year. Someday, maybe someday I will be able to pull off a group theme Halloween costume group...but probably not. Every one has their own ideas about what they want to dress up as. Hope your week is off to a good start!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Flashback Friday- The Photographer's Worksho

The Photographer's Workshop Taught me... how to use my camera in a mode other than auto and I have never looked back. 

Today I would like to give a shout out to Karen Russell. I was fortunate to take her photography class last summer. I built a solid photography foundation in this class. I was skeptical about doing an online class as I wasn't sure this would be a learning format that would work for me, but I can say I highly recommend this class!! The class is well organized and teaches you in a clear and concise way. I learned so much about my camera and how it works. A bonus that I found really helpful with real life application were the photo critiques she does for her students. I still pull out my class manual to read over things and refresh my memory. You can check it out here. Karen also has a beautiful and inspiring blog. Happy Weekend!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Other KCWC Finish

I did manage to finish this robe for Twin B last week during Kid's Clothes Week Challenge but I have yet to get any good pictures of it. The days are definitely getting shorter and I don't seem to remember to take pictures until it is too dark.

It was fun to participate in this event and I will look forward to doing it again in the spring. Finishing two items in one week is a good week for me. Next I need to get some pictures of the girls together in their robes. if you are in need of kid's clothes inspiration you can check out the Elsie Marley flickr pool.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WIP Wednesday

This is a little dress I cut out weeks ago and haven't taken the time to stitch up. It's for the baby; I haven't made her any clothing because truth be told I can buy them for less than I can make them and with 3 sisters she gets all the hand me downs. I never have a hard time finding her something cute to wear at a store but I thought it was time I make her something. I better hurry up before she outgrows this!

Next up is some fabric I pulled to make a sewing kit. I had made a couple for gifts and the twins both wanted one for their stitching stuff. I had cut up a bunch of 2 1/2x 2 1/2 squares but now I am thinking I might take the easy way out and use a piece of fabric rather than patchwork. This is one of those projects that keeps getting pushed to the back burner. I think I am waiting for the twins to want to make their own. I like to use this tutorial by Amy.

Finally, I have the 3 lonely blocks I have made for Sam's quilt. I was going to make 7 blocks a week and be done in 6 weeks but I haven't stuck to my goal. You can only see part of the 3rd block but really, it is there.  I have to get this done for Christmas so I am going to make this a priority and try to get at least 7 blocks done this week. The next couple of weeks are really busy with birthdays and football, parent teacher conferences, kids off school, Halloween, etc. October is flying by!!  I am linking up today with Freshly Pieced and WIP Wednesday.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October's HST BOM

Is it me or is October flying by?! I think I missed a few days and can't believe the month is half over. I have been enjoying the beautiful autumn sun here and we had cooler temps last week but it is in the high 80s this week. The weather can be such a tease sometimes. I am more than ready to go to the pumpkin patch and hope we can squeeze it in this weekend. The girls are ready to create some jack o' lanterns.
 Here is the half square triangle block of the month that I made following Jeni's tutorial. Although Ruby is the line I have primarily used, not one Ruby print found their way into this month's block; but as you can see the colors are there. I have really loved making these blocks each month and look forward to turning them into a quilt. Hope you are having a good week!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Flashback Friday

Tonight is Homecoming so I am flashing back to last years homecoming 
when Erik (farthest to the left) was the Homecoming Prince of his class. My husband took the camera down to the field to get some better pictures (than in the stands). He was then asked to drive one of the cars with kids in it onto the field so he handed the camera off to my brother in law. The settings were not set up and my brother in law didn't know how to change them so the pictures did not turn out. It didn't help that the stage was set in a dark spot on the track. It is still a good memory and a proud moment of my boy! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

KCWC Finish

This robe is a pattern by Joanna Figueroa of  Fig Tree and Co. It is reversible so with two layers of flannel this will be pretty toasty this winter and the flannel is so soft which my daughter loves. The pattern is straight forward and simple to put together but it took longer to make than I thought it would. The pattern said they made 2 in one afternoon with time to spare. "They" must be more than 1 person. I sew in little bits of time and I didn't track my time but I believe it was over 6 hours. That is not counting the day I traced the pattern onto freezer paper and cut the pattern out. Maybe my expectations were not realistic...maybe I thought that since it is Kids Clothes Week I could magically finish a garment a day instead of a garment a week or sometimes every 2 weeks.

It was enjoyable to sew up. Since it is reversible 2 robes are made and attached and all seams are surged. Maybe I can count this as 2 finishes? :). I am going to stash this away and wrap it up for her birthday next month. Twin A done; now to make one for Twin B. My original goal was to make 2 robes and 2 pairs of pajamas this week but I am modifying that goal to completing 2 robes. I am knee deep in college applications and deadlines, and checklists, and decisions for my oldest. Hope your week is going well and Happy Thursday!! Since it is Thursday I will be linking up to Make It Wear It   blog party with  The Train to Crazy

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Backseat Driver

Sometimes I set sewing goals that I would like to reach. But then life happens and sewing has to take a back seat to my kids and family. And that's just the way it is!

Instead of getting prep work for KCWC last week, today I transferred a pattern to paper then cut out the fabric. But tomorrow I sew!! I may only be able to get a few stitches done, but tomorrow I will turn on my machine. Unless, of course, it has to take a back seat!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Monday Memories from the Weekend

Erik's game on Friday was 3 1/2 hours away but it was a scenic drive.  By the end of summer most of the snow has melted off of Mt. Shasta.

We drove past quite a few hay barns.

We made a pit stop in Yreka.

By this time I was in drive by shooting made... you know where you snap all kinds of photos as you drive by and never get out of the car. I love old time towns with quaint Main streets... 

and old fashioned barber poles.

Then it was a rather curvy road that followed along the Klamath River.

There were quite a few bridges. I didn't bring the camera out of the car  once we got to the game since Erik hasn't been playing. This past week he did 1 day of physical therapy and 3 days of practice  and put on a uniform Friday night hoping to see some playing time. He did go in for a few plays which was great for his morale but his knee isn't back to normal yet. We won 65-2 and clinched a spot in the playoffs. we are down to our last 3 regular season games which will be against our toughest opponents.

Saturday sam played flag football. There is just a hint of fall color starting. It was around 85 and was the first day that I have felt fall i the air. It was a beautiful day. 

Sam had a good day playing quarterback and his team won their game.

He did a fair amount of running as well as passing. Afterwards we went home for a bit then I took him to one of his teammates house who had a few of the guys from the team over for pizza. After I dropped him there I went to get a present and card. Then I went back to his pick Sam up at his team mates house and took him to a birthday party of a classmate he has gone to school with since pre-K. The party was at a gymnastics place so I went in to say hi to the birthday girls mom. I had to laugh because so many kids had gymnastics parties when they were 4, 5, 6, and 7 and here were a lot of the same kids now 13 and14. They ran around and were just as silly as when they were 4. 5. 6, and 7.    

The girls always like to make something. This weekend it was a dog house for their stuffed animals.

Lots of outside time to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Mr. Mower

Sweet baby girl having some fun. She loves to be outside!
Baby was sitting in the driver's seat so little miss busy body hopped in the passenger seat and drove from there. I always wonder what they talk about as they drive around. Hope you have a good week! I will be participating in Kids Clothes Week and will be making a stitch or 2 in between all of the kids activities going on this week so it will probably be a slow blogging week.