Monday, December 31, 2012

Out With the Old, In With the New

Looking over this past year I was surprised by how many things I made.

If I knew how to make a mosaic I would put the things I made into categories like dresses, quilts, tea towels, etc....

Since I do not know how to make a mosaic I decided to post some pictures of things I have made but not blogged.

Quite a few things made with "Out to Sea".

The thing I made the most were dresses for my girls; the 3 older ones. I only made one for baby. That will change this year.

In 2012 I tried English paper piecing and foundation piecing, too. I love them both.

I also started to blog this year.

I made some quilts that were in my head.

I don't think I will ever tire of making vintage patterns.

I also got real adventurous in the dress making department and started doing buttonholes. I think I prefer them to zippers. 

In December I have been thinking about goals, sewing goals for the new year. I am still working to find balance in sewing and blogging and where it fits in with my family life. It is hard to make monthly goals because life happens so I have come up with some goals for the course of the year to give me a jumping in place (I accomplish so much more when I have goals).

During 2013 I would like to:
1. learn to make a mosaic
2. make my mom a lap quilt
3. get better at paper piecing
4. make a dress (or blouse) with pintucks
5. get some other quilts that are in my head to reality
6. participate in a swap
7. improve in photography and set up fun photo shoots
8. sew with knits
9. learn to free motion quilt
10. buy a quilting machine (so I can accomplish #9) but a few days before Christmas our dishwasher died so we had to buy a new one and then a couple of days ago my vacuum decided to not work. Taking it in to the Vacuum doctor today and I am hoping it is a quick (inexpensive) fix!! Happy New Year to You!!!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Flashback Friday- Happy Birthday B!

This guy, one of my nephews, turned 16 today. When he was little he loved catching frogs and bugs. He thought he might like to be a scientist. My dad had a piece of property with a pond that we went to every September to celebrate my Dad's birthday. This boy was a mud magnet; no one got dirtier than him!

Now as a sophomore in high school he is leaning toward a career in physical therapy. About 20 of us got together tonight for dinner and to celebrate Brennan. Happy Birthday Nephew, we love you!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Post Christmas Clean Up

I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas! Relaxing and 6 kids do not go hand in hand but we had a fun Christmas for sure!! As 20twelve is coming to a close I am busy doing some reorganization and finding places for the new goodies that came on Christmas. I usually take down the tree the day after Christmas but my family vetoed that idea so I will probably tackle that job tomorrow.

I am not a resolution maker but I am a goal setter and have been simmering ideas for goals I would like to make for the new year. A new year always brings anticipation of a blank slate full of possibility. Happy Thursday!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Flashback Friday- A Farewell to Fall

Since today is the first day of winter I wanted to look back and lock away some of  my favorite fall memories. Fall is my favorite season. Here in California the weather starts to cool off from the blazing summer and is pretty much perfect! The Meyer lemons come in...sometimes by Halloween but usually not until Thanksgiving.

Come September I start looking for the leaves to start changing which doesn't usually happen until October. Purple, red, yellow, I love them all. If there is one downside to fall it would be that we do not have enough fall color where we live. 

Love fall sunflowers! (and these two cuties!)

I took this photo 4 years ago. We were driving home after school pick up and the fall light was coming so beautifully through the neighbor's trees. I didn't capture how truly beautiful it was but this photo brings back memories of that day. My kids think it's completely normal to stop at some random place and take a photo of an inanimate object.

It seems we have more clouds than at any other time of the year making for beautiful sunrises or in this case, a sunset.

There is a flock of wild turkeys that visit our neighborhood every year. Apparently no one has told them that turkey is the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. They are such funny looking birds.

The pumpkin patch is definitely one of my favorite fall traditions.

Festive, goofy gourds.

Daytime clouds. I have so many cloud photos. One day I will make a dedicated cloud album. They are one of my favorite things.

Thanksgiving usually includes a friendly cousin competition of hoops and horse.

Our maple tree is one of my fall favorite things and the changing leaves are a definite marker of the season. This year the leaves have all been down for a few weeks now. For me once all the leaves have fallen winter has arrived.

Friday night football games are a highlight of fall and something I look forward to each week.

We have a beautiful view out our backyard. This was one of those glorious cloudy sunrises where you know it will be a great day because it started with this.

A farewell to fall also means a farewell to our summer garden produce. I have always wanted to plant a winter garden but never have. Someday I will. I have loved Fall of 2012 and will look forward to it's coming again next year. Hello winter! There is joy in the changing of seasons; you have many good qualities especially if your season is short and not too cold. Have a fun weekend finishing up loose ends to prepare for Christmas!! and I hope having fun with loved ones is at the top of your lists.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

5 Days and Counting...

Christmas seems to have come much faster than any other year. It hasn't snuck up on me but I just don't know where the days go sometimes. This week has been busy. My school kids have been getting out at different times which has led to a lot more driving for me, well baby checks, basketball practice every day, Christmas programs, etc has left little time for sewing. I had to finish this blanket as today is the last day of school for Christmas break so my youngest son wanted to give it to his friend  today. Her favorite color combo is soft pink, turquoise, and white. We couldn't find a snuggle print in those colors so my son picked this penguin print and a pink dot background. I think she will like it. 
For my oldest son's girlfriend we (yes, he is going to help!) are making a tied fleece blanket. She is from Alabama and is a true Alabama fan so we ordered this fleece (it is soo soft) and bought the backing at JoAnn's. It is on our kitchen table right now in the process of being cut. I am hoping that with the two of us it won't take too long to put together.

I have 12 more blocks waiting to be pressed and squared for my son's quilt. Originally I was going to make it 42 squares but now I am leaning towards 30 squares. If I go with the 30 squares I only need 6 more. I will decide once I make the 30 and lay it out. We do have some basketball games to go to and gingerbread houses to make and some other activities to do in the next few days so I am not sure if I will complete this before Christmas. I am kind of hoping Santa brings me a new sewing machine (one that quilts) so I might not want to finish it before Christmas. :) 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Last One

I have loved doing Jeni's half square triangle block of the month over this past year!  This is my December block. Jeni has posted the final instructions to turn the blocks into a quilt so making my blocks into a quilt will be my first project of 2013. I remember in January I was so slow putting the first block together. After 12 months of making half square triangles the blocks come together quickly although cutting is still my least favorite part. I loved participating in a block of the month group so much that I will be doing it again in 2013. This coming year I will be doing a paper piecing BOM with Kristy at Quiet Play. She will be doing a sewing room theme each month. The blocks she has shown peeks of look amazing. If you want to try paper piecing or get better at it you might want to think about joining in the fun!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Tagging-A-Long weeks 2 and 3

I joined in on the 2012 Holiday Tag-a-Long with Amy and Kristyne so I did week 2 and 3 at the same time. Week 2 had color.

Week 3 I was dreaming of a white Christmas and was influenced by the tree skirt I made the other week. Cream, white, and gold. I was also lazy and instead of stitching and turning fabric to create the tags I used wool and hand stitched the pieces together but no turning was necessary since the ends won't fray.

It must have worked, the dreaming part. On Saturday we had a pretty little snowfall. It is so peaceful watching snow fall. It snowed off and on all day. It took several hours before it stuck to the ground. 
Once the snow stuck the kids went out and had a snowball fight and made some snow angels but what they really wanted to do was bring out the sleds. There wasn't enough snow for that though. Maybe next time. I was out Christmas shopping Sunday afternoon and there was a sign that said "9 days till Christmas." I can't believe it and don't feel close to being ready. Are you ready? 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Flashback Friday- The Gingerbread Edition, Mostly

Making gingerbread houses is an annual tradition in December in our family. Going through our old photos I made some discoveries. It has been 6 years since our oldest has participated; he usually just does a walk through then goes and does something else.

We always do this activity in the evening after dinner. This year I am going to shake things up and do it sometime during the day. 

Oh how I love those little hands!

This is the only year my now 3 year old didn't try to eat all the candy.

Little helper elves.

So glad our youngest son still likes to participate. The last couple of years I have gotten him his own house to decorate.

Little Miss Sweet Tooth and Sweet Tooth Junior. I am looking forward to doing this annual tradition!! Enjoy your weekend!