Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Visit to the Czech Republic (Without Leaving Home)

At the beginning of the year Jolana was making some pretty stars. She wasn't sure how big the piece would end up being but said it would take a lot of fabric so I asked her if I could send her some fabric scraps. She said "Sure and would I like some German and Czech fabric?" Since I love all fabric I said "sure"!! I went to the post office today expecting to pick up an envelope but instead I brought home this very large box!!

Inside there were so many amazing goodies!! It was like a little peek inside the Czech Republic. She sent a fun puzzle (the mole is a fun Czech cartoon) and some Czech chocolate  (which was delicious!!) Do you see how the chocolate is almost as big as the puzzle? 

Then there were 2 very pretty drawstring bags and a beautiful notebook. Jolana makes the most perfect binding!!

Inside the cover was a note pad and a couple of post cards of the Czech Republic. That was such a sweet touch!!

Jolana sent some fabric for small projects.

The girl fabric is so fun!!

She sent some fabric from Germany...

and some Czech fabric. I have seen pieces of many of these in the projects she has made and have admired them so it is so fun for me to make something with them, too. i want to print out a template and make some stars like Jolana's for a long term project.

Last but not least there were some beautiful hand made fabric buttons(one of my favorite things. My head has been day dreaming of what kind of project I want to sew these onto) and some cute wooden ones. Yes, it was Christmas here in January today! Thank you Jolana for the beautiful package with all of the thoughtful care you put into it. I am still smiling and the package was most definitely a highlight in my day!


  1. Gina, I am so happy, that you like contents of the package :) And I can´t wait to see some your little projects from Czech fabrics :) Have a wonderful day, Jolana

  2. Oooh what a fun package to receive - so many awesome goodies!!