Friday, January 4, 2013

Flashback Friday- What a Difference a Year Makes

Last January E and K had been dating for a few weeks... they still like each other. Oh how I love this boy! He was the first to make me a mom. He makes me smile every day. I am holding on to each day with him as he will head to college in the fall! Yikes!! How is it that he is getting older but I am not?!
Last year this one was on the brink of teen-agerdom. So far, so good. He is my self motivated straight A student. He is a quiet, thoughtful guy but not shy. He has many friends and is a great athlete( like his big brother).

This one still loves to make things and sing. She is a little artist, only these days she is less little and is entering the tween zone. She is so precious and has a tender heart. I am not sure if I am ready for tweenagerhood yet. Her older brothers were easy but I am finding girls are a little more tricky.

We were on the ball last January getting in the Valentine spirit. This one is still my best helper and the one who likes to make sure everyone is happy. Like her twin sis she is headed to the tween zone. i see a little girl face in this picture and a young lady face in front of me now.
This one, I say, will rule the world one day. Last year she kept me on my toes and the same is true for this year. This year she is climbing higher and running faster!! She, like her oldest brother provides lots of comic relief.

This one is as sweet as they come and has gone through the most changes over the past year. Last January she was crawling, had 3 teeth, and was just starting to eat some solid foods. This year she is running to keep up with her sisters and participating in their play not just watching. She has many more teeth and more hair too. I wish i could bottle her giggle and open it up to hear it when I need a smile. She is the cherry on top of our family.

Happy weekend to you!


  1. This post is a treasure and a great diary for you to look back on next year! What blessings children are to us and I love that you find the beauty in all of your children!

  2. You have really beautiful family! Each of them is a lovely personality! J.

  3. Love this post Gina - just beautiful. Great snapshots too!

  4. Aww, you have the cutest kids! Well, second cutest :P

  5. Lovely photos but even lovelier things to say about your kids.