Monday, January 14, 2013

Love Letter Banner

Today is January 14 which means one month until Valentine's day. The past couple of years I have been so busy with newborns, not to mention the other kids, that I have had to let certain things slide and one of those things was doing seasonal decorating. Now that we have all the kids out of the newborn/infant stage I want to do a little something for each holiday or season this year. My older kids love both helping to make decorations and the holiday/season itself. I have never been one to go all out with the decorating but a few accents are nice. Valentine's Day is a fun one since it is fun to think of ways to let my family know how much I love them. "Decorating" at my house usually includes a banner of some sort. Last year I made a Pottery Barn knock off  Valentine which was a giant Valentine felt envelope that went on the back of a chair. I wanted to make one for each of my kids but didn't have time. This year I used that as my inspiration starting point to create on a smaller scale in bunting form.

I started by cutting 8 (one for each person in our family) 3x5 pieces of wool felt. 
I had a Sizzix scalloped square die that I used to make the envelope flap by cutting the square in half. If you don't have a die to cut the square you can cut one yourself making it 4x4. This will be a little big but it will give you some wiggle room and you can trim it later. I also had a die to cut the hearts. You could cut them free hand or use a punched shape to trace around.
Next I measured half an inch from the point of the flap. I dabbed a heart with a glue stick to tack it in place until I hand stitched the heart. If you use too much glue the felt will make a hard lump but  a dab in center worked great. 

After I stitched the hearts I measured up an inch from the bottom of the 3x5 envelope to place the bottom of the flap. I had longer flaps than I needed and trimmed them as well. Finally I sandwiched a ribbon between the flap and the envelope then stitched in place with the sewing machine. 
I wanted to add a sentiment so I grabbed some tags, background stamp, ink, letters, and Baker's twine.

I wanted the background light so I stamped off before stamping the tags.
This is something I like to whisper in each of my kid's ears. It makes them smile every. single. time.

Now if I could find some tulips to add to the vase it would be perfect. Happy Monday!

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  1. That looks fantastic! Love it. What a beautiful decoration for Valentine's Day. Love the stamped quote too - that's so sweet!