Thursday, January 24, 2013

To Do, Am Doing, Want to Do

My "to do" pile keeps gowing. Actually, I have more than one "to do" pile. This is just the first one I want to tackle when I finish my current project. I used to have one "to do" pile but it kept toppling over and I decided I could never make my way through the pile. So now I have 10 smaller piles. Somehow shorter stacks seem like they would be faster to get through. That's Gina logic :).

This is my current project. One word down 2 to go. This is a fun project and one I am happy to be working on. Kristy has come up with a fabulous typewriter alphabet paper piecing pattern (try saying that 5 times fast!). She always has her patterns tested before listing them in her Craftsy shop. She created an uppercase and a lowercase alphabet which amounts to a lot of letters!! She came up with a group of words to cover each letter so many people are testing the pattern by making a word. When we finish the word blocks we will mail them to Kristy who will then stitch all the words together to make a quilt (actually, i think she will be making 2 quilts out of the words). It is summer in Australia and they are having a major heatwave and many people have lost homes, belongings, etc in bush fires. Kristy will be donating the quilts to people who have been victims of the fires. Fun project for a good cause.

Lastly, here is my want to do project. Have I ever cross stitched before? Do I know how to cross  stitch?! Did that stop me from buying a cross stitch pattern?!!!When I saw these cute woodland critters I could not resist. Our baby has somewhat of a woodland creature theme going on in her room so I imagine this piece will make it's way into her room once it is completed. I thought it would be easy but when i glanced over the instructions I thought, "What have I gotten myself into. Is this written i Greek?!" I am waiting for a piece of fabric to come before I can start this project. Hopefully once I start this project it will be easy. I think I just need to stitch "x's" and be able to count and I can do both those things. You can find this project here if you would like to check it out. A new pattern is sent to you the first of each month so the idea is to stitch up one a month to have a sampler at the end of the year. January is flying by!!


  1. That letter piecing looks amazing! How fun that would be...the possiblities are endless with that. Cross stitch...good luck, I used to do it a lot in my early crafting days, but now it just drives me crazy.

  2. Your new project with letters is great! It looks lovely :) And cross stitching... it was a hobby of each little girl (during my childhood). But I can not say, that I know everything about embroidering rules :) J.

  3. That cross stitch pattern is so cute - it was the first craft that I took up.