Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fontastically Wordy

These little words were about 3 weeks of my sewing life. Dear Kristy created a new paper piecing  alphabet font which I am crazy about!! She came up with enough words that would cover the alphabet, both uppercase and lowercase, then sent them out to be tested. You can read about it here. All of the testers are sending the words back to Kristy who will turn them into a quilt to be given to a charity. Good stuff!! As with all Kristy's patterns the blocks came together easily. Each letter is a 5 1/4- 5 1/2" block. I am a word loving/ font loving person and a typewriter font is always one of my favorites. I have quite a few words on display in my home like "family", "Laugh", and "Bless this Home" to name a few. Making a word quilt for my family is definitely on my to do list. I believe her pattern will also come with instructions on how to decrease or increase the block size and will available in her Craftsy shop once all of the testing is done.  p.s. the name of her alphabet is Fontastic!


  1. It looks really great!!! And Kristy has a lovely idea to make a quilt to a charity!!

    Have a lovely day, Jolana

  2. Ooh they look just fantastic!! Love love love!! Thanks so much for doing so many blocks - you're a star!

  3. I really love your pieces! Fantastic colours too!!! I did the word WISH. I loved working with the pattern. I will also use it again, but first finish all the other projects...