Monday, March 11, 2013

Just Another Manic Monday (Wish it Were Sunday)

Another weekend has just zoomed by and I think it was mostly a flurry meals and messes with some fun tucked in. Cole and I did a little sewing. Very little. She made a little fabric basket. I put in a few pins to connect the bodice to the dress bottom I am making.

I wasn't quite sure to make of this when I happened upon this little scene. The twins took rock painting to a whole new level by painting the rocks that are the steps down to our pool...

they also glued (with glitter glue, of course) small rocks and pom poms to a big rock and decorated the mole hole with crayon statues. Maybe the crayon rainbow will keep the moles away- nothing else has worked.

Spring is in full bloom here. The oaks, birch, and maple are leafing.

The hydrangeas are leafing, too. I love how they look when they unfold and the contrast with the branches.

I found poor Skipper left all alone on the swing wondering where her friends had gone off to.

The lilac buds have now turned to leaves.

A few lilac flowers have blossomed.

The azaleas are out in full force.

Last but not least Erik returned safe and sound from a four day trip to Oklahoma to visit a college he is considering attending. I hope your week is off to a happy start!


  1. Hello Gina, I am surprised to see so many flowers in your garden! It is amazing!!!
    And as I can see... your twins are really very creative girls :)
    Have a great time!!! Jolana

  2. Hey Gina coincidently we just had a rock wall constructed at the back of our property and the second thing my three did was break out the chalk to draw on them! So it must be very tempting. Nice to see your photo montage. Days are growing shorter here and longer for you.

  3. Looks like Spring is on its way at your place - so cheerful!

    Loving the rock painting! One of my favourite childhood memories is painting a tree with my sister. The painting was was still there years and years later hehe!

  4. I had to smile when I saw the rock painting/decorating... it reminded me of when my 15 yr old son was a toddler & he got a hold of a pink marker. He decorated our white kitchen, his bedroom, his toys and himself!
    Happy Spring!

  5. I love the rock painting/decorating. Makes me remember the early days with our twins and their siblings.