Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Vintage Ugly

Last night I read the post over at Simple Simon and Co. about their "You Can't Judge an Ugly Vintage Pattern by it's Cover Party" (don't you think there must be a song in that title?!). My initial thought was ," Wow, what a great idea for a series" and my second thought was "I don't have any ugly vintage patterns; all of mine are beautiful! I mean, wouldn't you want a pair of these corduroy overall/jumper pants for yourself?! I bought this pattern because I thought the short jumper was cute and I liked the easy breezy summer dress.

I was working on finishing a vintage shirtdress I have been making this past week (which I hope to share on Thursday if i can squeeze a photo shoot in tomorrow). I love my vintage patterns!! They are the primary way that I have learned to sew. There are so many sewing techniques tucked into vintage patterns that are not common in todays patterns like darts and tailoring. I could not shake the thought of an ugly vintage pattern; could I possibly own one?? I have seen plenty of them!! My favorite patterns are from the 50's and 60's and all the clothing during that time period is beautiful (think Mad Men). This pattern isn't too bad. I thought the skirt was cute and I might like the dress with a belt around it. It had a square neck line which is different from the usual round neck. Vests?? I have never been a vest person but I thought the longer length of this one was kind of fun. yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Like LiZ said vintage patterns have a good base to work from but sometimes need a change of fabric or a little tweak here or there to take it from ugly to beautiful. In this pattern I loved the drop waist but am not fond of triangle collar. 

Pattern covers can be so telling of which era they are from.  My favorites are again from the 50's and 60's where the illustrations were of little cherub children. I have bought vintage patterns in an unneeded size just because the illustration was cute. The styling started changing in the 70's, I believe, and they started using models on the covers instead of illustrations. I have always kind of had a love/hate relationship with the Gunne Sax dress. I may have owned a Gunne Sax skirt or 2 and bought this pattern for memories sake. That and I might want to make one for one of my girls one day. I am not sure why a vest was worn with these skirts and I am pretty sure I didn't own a vest. You already knew I wasn't a vest person.

This dress is kind of interesting. I like the peter pan collar version with the short or long sleeves. The other three versions have kind of a built-in-vest-thingy-bodice with buttonholes all around the bodice with ribbon run through the buttonholes. Yes, very interesting. So, truth be told, I guess I may have a few ugly vintage patterns in my stash. Not hideously ugly, but definitely ugly; I think Simple Simon's Easter bunny shirt wins. I also have some ugly craft patterns in my stash but that could probably be a series of it's own. I am looking forward to seeing what the blogger's do with the ugly patterns Simple Simon sent out. It looks to be a fun series!


  1. DUDE!!!! I totally have that top pattern (in two different sizes!!!) and that Gunne Sax pattern! And I like them both---even if they are kind of, well, ugly!
    (PS---You reasons for buying them sound like mine---they do have good, useable foundations!)

  2. I have a very similar dress pattern to your triangle collared one- but it has a square bib collar instead!! If you think you can do something with my ugly pattern # 4, I'll totally send it to you!

    Amy from www.SewsNBows.com

    1. Posted my ugly square collars today :)

  3. It's fun to see some of your vintage patterns in your collection. You can't judge a vintage pattern by it's cover is a great idea for a series...

  4. I'm pretty sure my mom made me a dress out of that same gunne sax pattern when I was a girl...

  5. I'm really starting to feel bad because of how many of the 'ugly' patterns in this series I own, lol. But I argue that many of them have 'good bones' and can be used for something!