Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Covert Robin: Received and Given

During March I participated in the Covert Robin a Mystery Gift Exchange.  I received this beautiful tote bag and charm pack in the mail yesterday. 
the covert robin button
It was sent to me from Suzan who blogs at the Reluctant Quilter. She did a beautiful job and I love the fabric she chose! She also sent me a charm pack of MoMo's Freebird which I will have a lot of fun sewing into something.

I made this bag which is a pattern by the Sometimes Crafter.  This is the front of the bag. I wish I were a knitter so I could add some kitting needles and things to bag for photos but, alas, I do not knit. This bag is universal and could be used for just about any craft. I plan on definitely using this pattern again.

Here is the back which is my favorite side. I used Kristy's block of the month pattern from January to paper piece the block then added a little embroidery. I used duck cloth for the body of the bag and reinforced it with interfacing to be extra sturdy. By the way, I sent to Mary who blogs at Passionate Perseverance. She blogs about her family's life and has some yummy recipes as well as fun weekly themes she blogs. I felt lucky to get her as a partner. She likes to sew, knit, read, and cook so I could have gone in multiple directions with her gift.

For the inside of the bag I used a piece of vintage fabric.

I made a giant zip pouch to carry knitting needles or to put a project on the go into. I used Kristy's Just My Type lowercase letters to spell knit and added a little heart (which was inspired by Kristy's darling canvas she made for her sister. 
Lastly, I made Mary this little bookmark since she is an avid reader. I made book marks for the twins' classmates in pre-kindergarten since that is where they began to read. I used simpler charms for the kids than I did here but making a book mark is a fast, gratifying project!!


  1. Okay, another project to add to my list...DIY tote bags. But, alas, mine won't be as lovely.

  2. Such beautiful and thoughtful gifts. I love all of them. I truly do. I am so blessed to have been the one to receive your most generous gifts. Blessed indeed! Thanks so much Gina!!

  3. Both gifts are wonderful..Each so unique and pretty. You are some lucky ladies!!!

  4. Those are both such lovely bags!! How fun!

  5. Wow, so many new posts! :) The bag you made is really lovely. The block on the back side looks very pretty too! And the present for you looks lovely too! J.